With Grace

A website to support families making funeral arrangements

With Grace is a funeral provider that places people at the heart of their service.

They challenged us to transition them from a traditional funeral care model to offering an online service. They needed a new website to improve their user experience and provide the infrastructure for their digital offering. We overhauled their marketing and digital strategy to increase the effectiveness of their marketing, grow their visibility and enable them to be found online.

Lead Time:
6 Months
Funeral Care
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Reposition the website, Increase visibility, Streamline their digital ecosystem
UX Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing

The challenge

With Grace came to us with 2 different websites and brands. They recognised that they needed a single website that was easy for their customers to navigate, find information and make funeral arrangements. Their team challenged us to create a unified website that managed multiple user experiences and could be found by their customers in search engines.

As a financially regulated industry, we worked closely with the legal team at With Grace to ensure that the website was compliant with regulation.

  • Figma UX Wireframe Prototypes
  • Design Consultation
  • WordPress Development
  • Payment Calculator
  • Package Builder Tool
  • Marketing Consultation
  • SEO Strategy
  • PPC & Facebook Tracking
  • Domain Migration
  • 1 x UX Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Marketing Director
  • 1 x SEO Strategist

Our approach

Our work would open up a new online service and provide the ability for customers to build funeral packages online. However, it was important that the website remained informative, approachable and empathetic, and didn’t become a pushy sales tool. The digital offering was there to provide ease, transparency, support and space to their customers.

We delivered the website in collaboration with Ascend Studio, who rebranded With Grace and created the final website design. The Plug & Play team delivered the digital strategy, UX wireframe designs, website development and SEO optimisation.

The website

The new website combined the content and user journeys from 2 of With Grace’s websites to create a single high quality website where customers can explore pre-need and at-need funeral packages.

The user journey from the homepage is immediately branched, directing visitors through pre-need or at-need user journeys. Each flow guides the user through key information and packages. Pre-need packages are financially regulated so these user journeys needed extra consideration from a legal perspective to ensure that the user experience was compliant.

The website was delivered using WordPress to provide a flexible and scalable CMS for the With Grace team.

View site


Information on the website is transparent, providing clear pricing and inclusions.


Some of With Grace’s services are regulated by the FCA and others are not. We worked closely with their legal team to ensure that regulations were met and visitors were notified of regulation where necessary.

Customer demographic

With Grace has a broad customer demographic and it was important that the website was accessible to all ages. We implemented clear user journeys and call to actions to ensure that the website remained simple and easy to use.

The design

Ascend Studio utilised our UX designs to apply the new With Grace brand and create the final visuals for the website.

Interaction aesthetic

The website utilises interactive design elements, load animations and transitions to create depth.

Plan builder

We introduced a new plan builder within the pre-need user journey that enables individuals to create a custom funeral plan that is tailored to their needs.

It was critical that the process remained straightforward and we achieved this with a 3 step user journey. The customer can see the inclusions and costs as they create their plan and when they’re happy with their selections, they can send an enquiry to the With Grace team.

It’s an emotional time for many of With Grace’s customers and it can be overwhelming to enter deep discussions about their funeral arrangements. The goal of the plan builder is to provide autonomy to customers and enable them to explore their options privately before reaching out for help.

Marketing strategy

We provided a part time Marketing Director to With Grace during this period of change, giving them a representative that would advocate for their business and manage their agency relationships.

Together, we created a strategy for their digital ecosystem, including the technology used for various business functions, the website infrastructure, and their digital marketing channels which included SEO, PPC and paid social.

SEO strategy

We delivered an SEO strategy that selected keywords that were used by prospective customers to find With Grace’s services. The website was optimised for the keywords that With Grace had a statistical opportunity to rank for and increase their visibility online.

The strategy was used to guide the website user experience, enabling us to optimise the site to encourage visitors to land on deep and highly relevant content pages. We wanted to make it as straightforward as possible for With Grace’s customers to get the support and information that they needed.


Domain migration

Our team assessed With Grace’s digital ecosystem and recommended that their websites were combined into a single website. We reviewed the domains available and advised the best domain for the new website to launch on. The domain selected was new, therefore 2 websites needed to be seamlessly transitioned to the new domain and the domain equity transferred.

Our team managed the domain migration process to mitigate the risks usually associated with domain changes. We ensured that best practice was followed and that the reputation metrics from the old domains transferred seamlessly to the new website, enabling the new website to perform and benefit from the great reputation of the business.

Find out how we manage domain migrations

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A new brand and user experience for a leading US betting platform

OddsIndex is a US based betting platform that enables its customers to find and compare the best odds from market leading betting providers.

We created a new brand, website design and user experience for the business.

Lead time:
6 Weeks
Sports & Betting
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Create a market leading user experience
UX Design, Web Design, Branding

The challenge

Sports betting can be complex and involves the management of a huge amount of data. Our challenge was to create a seamless and engaging user experience that utilises data in a way that can be consumed by visitors.

From a visual design perspective, we needed to create a brand and website design with limited imagery. We needed to display information and comparison tables in an appealing way that maintained the integrity of the data.

View site

The brand

We created a new brand identity for OddsIndex, including a new logo, typography, colour palette and design system. The brand needed to be vibrant and flexible while achieving a high quality design finish.

We created 3 brand concepts for the betting company, approaching the brief from a few different directions. Our designers worked closely with the client to build a brand and design system that reflects the business and their customers.

The website

Our design team created the new website, using OddsIndex’s new brand identity to elevate the look and feel of the interface. The user journeys are optimised to create a streamlined conversion path that enables users to find the best betting odds and bonuses.

OddsIndex have an ambitious in-house marketing team that were managing the SEO of the website. We collaborated throughout the web design process to ensure that the new design supported their SEO strategy and enabled them to continually improve their search engine visibility.

  • User Journey Mapping
  • Adobe XD Wireframe Prototypes
  • Adobe XD Prototypes
  • Brand Identity




  • 1 x Brand Designer
  • 1 x UX Designer
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x Project Manager

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Falcon X

UI design for a cryptocurrency platform

Falcon X is a cryptocurrency trading platform that enables investors to manage complex portfolios in a single dashboard. The platform is designed for investors to trade large quantities of cryptocurrency and bitcoin while minimising slippage that often occurs on big trades.

They challenged us to create a new interface design with improved usability and a superior user experience.

Lead Time:
12 Weeks
Finance & Crypto
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Investors & High Net Worth Individuals
Website Goal:
Add value to the product by improving the usability and appearance of the interface
UI Design, UX Design, Animation Design
  • Solution strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Clickable wireframe prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Clickable design prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Platform animation design
  • 2 x UI/UX Designers
  • 1 x Animator
  • 1 x Product Strategist
  • 1x Project Manager

Discovery and research

As a new cryptocurrency product launching into the market, it was important to assess competitor platforms and interfaces. We undertook a research and discovery process to understand the user experiences provided by other platforms and identify opportunities to outperform the market.

Successfully launching a challenger product into an established market requires an innovative and user centric approach. Our job was to identify where to innovate the UI and where to retain consistency with the market to deliver the most intuitive user experience.

We collaborated closely with the Falcon X team to create product value via the user interface, curating user journeys and screen layouts that would perform.

Our delivery

Understanding the end goal of the project for Falcon X, we split the deliverables into 3 key pieces of work.

— Phase 1: MVP

— Phase 2: MVP+

— Phase 3: Final Product

This project approach enabled us to deliver the most value in the shortest amount of time, launching the deliverables from each phase immediately after completion.


The investor dashboard is the pivotal screen of the platform and contains a large amount of complex information. Our UX designers created a solution that would enable user journeys to start at the dashboard and remain within a few clicks, displaying a high quantity of complex data intuitively within a single screen.

To handle the large amount of information, we implemented a range of dynamic drop down fields that only offered viable options based on the previous user selections. We also utilised hover and expansion states to maximise the space on the screen and simplify the user dashboard, without minimising the available functionality.

Our designers created a bounce animation that activates as an investor scrolls down the screen, providing easy access to jump to and from the order book at the bottom of the screen.

Secure sign in

We designed a 2FA login flow to enable secure sign in to the platform.

Streamlined user journeys

Slide out modals were created to streamline the user journeys around the core dashboard and provide additional information without deviating from the dashboard.

Order book

We designed a number of different views to represent the marketplace orders. This enables investors to digest the information in a view most suitable for them.

Interaction animations

Our UX team created a series of interaction animations to enhance the usability of the platform and utilise the space available on screen.

Load times can be a challenge on platforms like Falcon X that load huge quantities of live data. To combat this, we created a loading animation for the platform that enables the data and integrations to load behind the screen while keeping perceived load times high. Internal page load animations were also created to achieve a premium feel for users interacting with the platform.

Trading is dynamic and energetic and we wanted to capture this within the user interface. We did this with the design of animated data tables and graphs, as well as open and close interactions for various data points.

“We are pleased with the deliverables from the team. The work involved many complicated flows and data visualizations and the team was able to turn mock ups into functional designs.”

Vivek Chauhan, Product Manager, Falcon X

Responsive framework

Competitor platforms offer the ability for users to build their own dashboards and display information in their preferred layout. However, the Falcon X platform needed to be usable on a number of desktop screen sizes. Achieving a high level of responsiveness without compromising the user journey was a huge challenge, given the large amount of data that needed to be available on a single screen. The nature of the information meant that making it all smaller wasn’t a possibility.

Keen to offer an improved user experience to competitors, we didn’t want to reduce the flexibility of the platform to achieve responsiveness. We created flexible, collapsable components that users could configure on the page using a framework that we created. The framework achieved responsiveness while also providing flexibility for the user.

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Land App

A mobile app for live land management

Land App is used by land owners to map, track and manage their land. Predominantly used by farmers and surveyors, their platform simplifies the land management process.

The Land App team approached us to deliver a new mobile app that could be used by their clients in real time. The mobile design needed to be an extension of the web app design and incorporate some additional mobile-specific functionality.

Lead Time:
5 Months
Agriculture / Technology
App Goal:
Extend mobile functionality, Deliver a strong mobile UX
UX Design & UI Design, Mobile App Design

The goal

Our goal was to reduce the manual administration effort involved in the day to day management of land. Traditionally, land owners would walk their land taking offline measurements and notes, then upload them to a spreadsheet or platform at a later date for storage. Land App’s new app would incorporate GPS and measurement tools to assist with the land mapping process, enable updates to be recorded live, assign tasks to employees, and synch with the existing database.

  • User Experience Workshops
  • Research & Discovery Phase
  • User Flow Mapping
  • Low Fidelity Prototype
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Design to Development Handover
  • 1 x UX Designer
  • 1 x UI Designer
  • 1 x Product Manager

The onboarding experience

Land App’s core user demographic is time poor so it was critical that the onboarding process was smooth. We created a short introductory experience using splash screens to highlight the key app functionality and get users set up.

The mobile user journey dovetails with the core journeys on desktop to provide a seamless omni-channel experience.

Map creation

Users can take land measurements via the mobile app and create maps of their land. We designed location tagging functionality that enables users to upload images and assign tasks associated to a location on the map.

Tasks can be tracked and managed over time, providing visibility on workload.

Omni-channel user experience

The mobile app is designed to synch with the web app, delivering a cross-device user experience with consistent data.

Design handover

We collaborated with Land App’s development team to deliver the design system, files and assets needed to code the app.

“The app is going live very soon, and we’re very happy with the UX design. We’ve shown it to a few customers, who’ve been impressed. All the designs were created with technical feasibility in mind, which shows.

Plug & Play collaborated seamlessly with the other companies that were involved in the project. We were nervous about the project because it was a big challenge, and Plug & Play made the process easy. They also quickly understood our use cases and adapted quickly to learn what we needed. Overall, we had a very positive experience working with them.”

Glen Woodbridge, Founder, Land App

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Property Hub

Launching a new property investment app into the market

Property Hub is a business that aims to demystify property investment and help individuals plan for their financial future. They approached us to help them create a property investment app and launch it into the market.

Their new app needed to enable its users to invest in the property market and build a property portfolio. Much like popular investment apps like Money Box and Nutmeg, Property Hub’s goal for their mobile app, Portfolio, was to make investing accessible to everybody.

Lead Time:
3 Months
Fintech & Banking
High Net Worth Individuals
Target Type:
App Goal:
Launch a mobile investment app into the market
Research, UX Design, Mobile App Design

The challenge

Property Hub challenged us to create a brand new mobile app for their investment platform. They were entering the market as a challenger investment app and needed to create a seamless user experience that would enable users to confidently invest.

As a financial product, the app needed to be compliant with financial regulation and conduct identity checks on users as part of the sign up process. A common challenge with Fintech products is the drop off rate of sign ups while verification takes place. We needed to create an onboarding flow that would capture and retain the interest of investors during the verification process.

The approach
  • Client Workshops
  • Research & Discovery Phase
  • Low Fidelity Mobile Prototype
  • Design to Development Handover
The schedule
  • 1 x Senior UX Designer
  • 1 x Senior UI Designer
  • 1 x Product Manager
Property Page in Mobile App

Research & discovery

Our UX team critically reviewed a number of investment apps to gain insight into the products available in the market, what the competition was doing well, and where we could add value to users that would enable us to capture a significant piece of the market upon launch.

We assessed direct competitors of Property Hub, as well as mobile apps available in the broader investment and financial markets such as Apple Pay and Transfer Wise. We reviewed the way that competitors onboarded new users and led them through KYC verification. Our research also assessed the user journeys for key investment actions such as depositing and withdrawing funds and managing a portfolio.

App Design Styling

Onboarding flow

Property Hub’s new mobile onboarding flow is designed to maximise sign ups while ensuring that investors fully understand the financial risks associated with property investment. We ensured that the mobile app design meets financial regulation and the requirements from the brief.

A number of verification steps were required within the onboarding process. Our team reduced the friction associated with verification by summarising the onboarding steps at the beginning of the sign up flow and providing progress updates throughout to keep users engaged.

We utilised Google, Apple and Facebook sign up functionality so users could autocomplete a number of fields. We verified user identities using the KYC tool, and integrated with popular banking apps to transition users straight from the verification process into depositing funds and getting started within the app.

The dashboard

The dashboard is the starting point for all user flows and our challenge was to provide clear signposting to all of the possible actions while keeping the interface clean and simple.

In collaboration with the Property Hub team, we created an information hierarchy that prioritised in-app actions based on their popularity and value. This hierarchy formed the basis of the dashboard, showcasing portfolio value and change at the very top of the page alongside key call to actions.

In-App Transactions Dashboard

The design

The app design and structure is clean and intuitive, prioritising the quality of the user journeys and clarity of information. We took design inspiration from property apps such as Airbnb and investment platforms like Coinbase to create a familiar look and feel that investors are able to use intuitively.

App Mobile Design

Sticky Navigation

The mobile app incorporates a sticky navigation at the bottom of the screen. The navigation uses modal pop ups to showcase key information before directing users to the next page.


3 Mobile Designs

Building a portfolio

Investors are able to view their portfolio and read about the properties. They can see their invested capital, cash balance and pending capital.

The development handover

Our UX team delivered an on-site handover to the Property Hub development team to ensure that the app developers had everything they needed to represent the designs in code.

Our design team was available throughout the development process to answer any questions and provide feedback on the codified designs.

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Mercer - Sirota

Web application design and development in Angular.js for a surveying system

Sirota is a market leader in the provision of intelligent employee surveys for high profile global corporations. Thousands of employees complete Sirota surveys each year so it is crucial that surveys are smooth and intuitive. Equally important is how these large enterprise organisations are enabled to create surveys, manage their hierarchies and report on the outcomes.

Lead time:
6 Months
HR, Business Consultancy
Target Type:
B2B, Enterprise, Consumer
Key User Personas:
HR Professionals, Business Executives
Custom software development, web app design, mobile app design

Before and after

  • Workshops with key user groups
  • User flows created
  • Wireframes produced
  • Designs produced
  • API designed in Swagger
  • Angular.js front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • 1x UX Designer
  • 2x Senior Angular.js Developers
  • 1x Technical Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester

The challenge

Global corporations trust Sirota to deliver and manage their employee surveys. With the global nature of the surveys, functionality needed to be in place to deliver them in multiple languages and character sets including Arabic and Chinese. To ensure the application was completely accessible, the interface needed to be screen reader compatible and work across browsers and devices from the last 10 years.


Software development

The application was built using Angular and C# in collaboration with an internal back-end development team.

Intuitive execution

To make the survey creation process accessible to those without training, we created designs that could be drag-and-dropped into place.

Editing Record Hierarchy

We built a multi-level navigation and dashboards that were editable on one page to erase the need to move between records to make edits.

The existing solution

Sirota’s existing solution was dated and system usability had deteriorated over time. An MVC architecture interlaced the front-end and back-end which resulted in back-end development preventing improvements to the user interface. The approach was to re-write the back-end application as an API and deploying it in the cloud.

“They delivered a beautiful interface that was exactly what we were looking for. Their team really got to grips with our complex user journeys very quickly, and designed amazing solutions that really work for our software. Furthermore, their collaboration between their designers and front-end developers with our back-end development team was seamless – delivering the project on-time and on-budget.”

Legal & General - Smartr365

Design and Angular.js development of a Fintech web application

Smartr365 was established by a mortgage brokerage who identified an opportunity within the market. They wanted to create a digital product to simplify the mortgage industry. Smartr365 commissioned us to redevelop their MVP and continue to work with our design and development team to accelerate their time to market.

Lead time:
4 months for phase 1 and now on-going
Target Type:
Finance Professionals
Project Goal:
Industry leading mortgage processing
Web app design, web app development

Smartr365 had been operating using an internal CRM system as an MVP to prove their business case. The system had expanded to fulfil new functional requirements but had become technologically sprawling.

Working with their internal team, we collaborated on re-developing their core software as an API, and delivering a new interface in Angular. We’re continuing to collaborate with Smartr’s development team to rapidly innovate the new version of their web app.


  • Solution Driven Design
  • Adobe XD Wireframes
  • Adobe XD Prototypes
  • Angular.js Front-end Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • 1x Senior UX Designer
  • 1x UI Designer
  • 2x Senior Angular.js Developers
  • 1x Senior Front-end Developer
  • 2x Quality Assurance Testers
  • 1x Technical Project Manager

Intuitive custom framework

We created a consistent UI framework to be used across the platform, making the system simple to use without training.

Impactful solutions

We held focus groups to produce meaningful order management solutions for call centre staff. We delivered a split screen view to remove the need to switch between pages.

Financial reporting

Smartr365 required complex financial reports to share with mortgage advisory businesses. We displayed these clearly and consistently so they could be shared with industry professionals.

Kanban pipeline

We implemented a kanban pipeline so mortgage applications can be managed more easily by advisors. The custom kanban pipeline allows advisors to quickly edit records on page, enabling them to progress sales to the next stage.

Compliance and validation

Our work flows met tight industry compliance guidelines, ensuring secure validations were made in a streamlined and easy to use manner.

“They really got to grips with our complex financial products, processes and users – highly recommended”

The challenge

We were engaged to re-imagine the mortgage platform web application to improve user flows and technology stack. The new web application needed to simplify workflows to help mortgage advisors become more efficient.

The Smartr365 platform is used by both mortgage advisors and mortgage applicants. As such, it was critical for the web application to meet the needs of all users, gathering and storing personal and financial information while remaining compliant and secure.

MyOptique Group

The UX design and React.js development of custom call centre CRM software

MyOptique Group manage the manufacture and distribution of online orders for glassesdirect.com and sunglasses-shop.co.uk. They also operate the call centre and manage all returns and order queries. Their existing call centre CRM/ ERP system was difficult for call centre staff to use. Our project was to design and develop a new custom call centre CRM and integrate the application with the core business ERP.

Lead time:
6 Months
Retail, eCommerce
Key User:
Call Centre Staff
Reduce call queues, accelerate call resolution
UX Design, Web Design, Vue.js, Laravel, WordPress
React Development, UX & Design, API Development

Before and after

  • 1x UX Designer
  • 2x Senior React Developers
  • 1x Technical Project Manager

The challenge

The MyOptique customer service team faced daily battles with their call centre CRM. The interface had expanded over the years and lacked a fluid user experience. Usability difficulties were unnecessarily elongating the time taken to resolve customer queries, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction. In turn, this was impacting staff efficiency and morale. As a B2C business, MyOptique needed their system to perform faster and be more intuitive for employees so they could rapidly resolve customer queries, reduce the size of virtual queues and boost customer satisfaction levels.

Smart search

We collaborated with internal teams to design and develop a search field that could handle any query to efficiently deliver the operator to the correct results.

Impactful solutions

We held focus groups to produce meaningful order management solutions for call centre staff. We delivered a split screen view to remove the need to switch between pages.

Prescription management

We refined prescription management to simplify the optician’s prescription approval process.

Customer management

Call centre staff can view all pertinent information on one screen rather than juggling multiple records and pages at once.

“They really understand what we are trying to do and we have a great working relationship”

The average number of calls that can be taken by each employee per shift has increased as a direct consequence of streamlining the user interface. Employees can utilise the intelligent search and view all required information on one screen which makes their job simpler, more efficient and more rewarding.

At the start of the project we conducted focus groups and workshops to ensure that we understood the needs and frustrations of those who use the system daily. By targeting pain points for the end user, we gained team buy-in very early in the process, minimising the resistance to change that often goes hand in hand with large projects.

National Zakat Foundation

A Vue.js & Laravel web app to manage charity donations

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is a UK based charity that helps Muslims in need by collecting and distributing Zakat payments to a variety of causes. Zakat is a compulsory annual donation that is given by Muslims and is a proportion of their total wealth.

NZF challenged us to increase donations to enable them to help more people. They also wanted to increase the level of control that donors have over how their Zakat is distributed.

Lead time:
10 Weeks
Not For Profit
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Increase donations, Empower donors
UX Design, Web Design, Vue.js, Laravel, WordPress
Website, Web App
  • User experience workshops
  • Adobe XD wireframes
  • Adobe XD designs
  • Comprehensive engagement tracking
  • Eazy Collect & Secure Trading payment gateway integration
  • QA and testing
  • Laravel development
  • Vue.js development
  • WordPress
  • 2 x UX Designers
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Front-end Developer (Vue.js)
  • 2 x Back-end Developer (Laravel)
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Digital Marketing Specialist

The challenge

To enable NZF to increase donations, we delivered a new WordPress website and donation flow.

The unique way of donating Zakat and the mandatory nature of donations meant that user data needed to be reviewed carefully to build an optimised user flow that would increase donation value.

View site

Zakat calculator

We developed a Zakat calculator to help individuals calculate the Zakat they owe. This tool increases NZF’s visibility in the search engines and increases their brand awareness.

The donation flow

The Zakat calculator seamlessly leads into the donation process and carries the donation values into the donation flow, encouraging the user to donate their Zakat with NZF.

Donation allocation

Donors are able to allocate their donations to the causes that they care about most.

A branded experience

The donation flow has been designed in line with the NZF brand and incorporates interactive elements to provide a superior user experience.

Our approach

We ran a number of workshops to explore the Zakat donation flows with the NZF team. Our goal was to create a useful and seamless donation process that would maximise the value of donations. To do this, our UX team designed a simple user journey with options to round up donation values to whole numbers and add additional donations. We designed the donation flow across a number of key pages to provide a user friendly and manageable donation process.

Managing the user experience

As a compulsory donation, Zakat donor behaviour can greatly vary and the donation flow needed to accommodate for all users. For individuals who want to distribute their own Zakat, the NZF donation flow has been designed to enable donors to give to the causes that they care about most. However a streamlined donation process is available for individuals seeking a swifter donation flow.


A mobile app chatbot for employee coaching in the workplace

Emoquo is an award winning digital coach that enables employees to overcome everyday challenges in the workplace. The mobile app offers practical and confidential coaching that can be accessed discreetly in the workplace as challenges arise. Emoquo interacts with individuals using a conversational chatbot to engage the user in an approachable manner.

Human Resources
App Goal:
Increase employee engagement
Target Type:
Employees at enterprise organisations

The existing solution

Emoquo’s existing MVP product contained core features and a basic UI, but lacked the finesse of a user experience that would help the app be adopted in large enterprise organisations. We were commissioned to inspire confidence in the product offering and improve usability.

The approach
  • Research and interviews with users
  • Defining a user’s flow
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • High fidelity designs produced in Adobe XD
  • Design to development brief
The schedule
  • Design sprints over a 6 week period
  • Continued design and UX consultation
  • The project was delivered on time and on budget

The Goal

Rapidly deliver a chatbot style mobile app. The app needed to support the addition of new features while providing a more fluid user experience.

The conversational style flow results in each user following a different journey with Emoquo dependent on their responses. We designed an interface that could manage the spectrum of user flows and deliver the appropriate content.

The MVP development process followed a mobile-first design so the app can be used on the go.

“They opened our minds and pushed our thinking to deliver a great result – one which we have been building on over the last year. The team were easy and enjoyable to work with and the process was clear and efficient.”

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