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Headless Shopify solutions for your business

We help established retailers go Headless with Shopify to accelerate sales and deliver market leading customer experiences.

Improve speed & SEO

Improve design flexibility

Improve website functionality

Improve security

Unlock new growth with Headless Shopify.

Our clients need a Headless Shopify strategy to power their growth and overcome the limitations of native Shopify while benefiting from Shopify’s market leading eCommerce engine.

Some of our clients are already using native Shopify and others need to migrate to Shopify from other eCommerce platforms, having identified Headless Shopify as an opportunity for their business.

Did you know

You don't need Shopify Plus to use Shopify Headlessly

Selecting the right approach

Successful Marketing and eCommerce Managers drive eCommerce performance improvements by increasing SEO rankings, speed and achieving greater content management flexibility.

The Headless Shopify strategy selected can help achieve your business goals or exacerbate existing challenges. Our experienced Shopify team will advise on the advantages and shortfalls of different Headless strategies in relation to your business objectives, ensuring that your selected strategy will drive success for the business.

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Headless strategies

  1. Don’t go Headless and continue to use classic Shopify
  2. Go Headless with a PWA such as React, Vue.js, Angular, or Shopify’s Hydrogen solution
  3. Reheading Shopify with a CMS such as WordPress, Craft or
  4. Take a combination approach
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Enable your Marketing team with better content management and design

Marketing team enablement is a requirement for the majority of our website projects. We do this by delivering a consistent design system that can be applied easily, providing greater control over on-page content, the ability to create new pages, create new product categories, and more control over the factors that impact SEO such as URL structure.

We provide full transparency over the pros and cons of different Headless solutions and how they apply to your team. In this way, you are enabled to make the right decision for your business.

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Headless SEO

Our lived experience of working on eCommerce websites in highly competitive markets, is that alignment between target keywords and landing page URLs makes a huge difference to ranking performance. The Headless solution selected can have a significant impact on SEO performance. For example, reheading with a CMS like WordPress can improve SEO control and optimisation, whereas SEO is a critical limitation of PWAs on Shopify.

Household brands often have an audience actively looking for their products so SEO is less important to them. However, smaller businesses rely on discovery to fuel their retail strategy and SEO optimisation can be fundamental to their success or failure.

Some technologies we use

“Our internal team was impressed by the quality of their work. It was a really positive experience. We developed a great relationship with them. We’ve ended up with a better version of the product than we started with. It’s scalable and more robust and it’s enabling us to partner with other organizations in a meaningful way. We would like to work with them again on other projects.”

Chris Cottrell, Senior Digital Product Manager, WWF

Omni-channel with Shopify

A Headless Shopify approach gives Marketing and eCommerce Managers the opportunity to achieve a truly omnichannel user experience. If your business has a number of customer facing interfaces including websites and apps, a Headless strategy may help you to use a single backend system as a consistent source of data for orders, stock and product data. The impact of going Headless is that you can provide a consistent user journey where the user experience can be optimised.




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