Increasing lead generation for a life science technology company

Volition is a multinational life science company that develops technology to diagnose and monitor a range of diseases in humans and animals. Their technology sets them apart as industry leaders, providing kits to a wide spectrum of audiences from medical specialists to individual pet owners.

Our challenge was to deliver a new website that targeted each key audience type, encouraging them to make an enquiry or visit Volition’s distributor sites to purchase their own kits.

Lead time:
4 Months
Life Sciences
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Website Goal:
Increase awareness of their technology & generate new leads
Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing
  • 1 x Digital Strategist
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x Website Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

The challenge

Volition’s main challenge was how they could engage and educate website visitors in the science behind their technology. They needed their new website to attract new visitors, be more visible, and deliver their key messaging in an engaging way. 

The client challenged us to deliver a fresh design that showcased their products and worked as a marketing tool for the business.

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The website

We utilised the digital strategy created by our marketing team to inform the new page hierarchy and landing page structure. By combining UX design and marketing insights, we produced the best user experience and SEO performance for Volition. We implemented a clean and user friendly navigation to ensure that content is accessible and that users are guided through to conversion.

Our designers evolved Volition’s visual brand to create the impact and flexibility required for the new website design. We utilised the bright sub-brand colours to categorise content and designed a clear navigation to encourage users to land on relevant content. 

As part of the wider project, we merged 2 domains into 1 new website. We implemented SEO and design best practice during this process to retain and grow keyword rankings from both domains. 


Marketing & SEO strategy

One of Volition’s key complaints with their previous website was the high bounce rate. They were losing a huge percentage of the traffic they attracted and couldn’t pinpoint what was driving the issue – was it the website, the keywords they ranked for, or their messaging?

Our Digital Strategist identified that the content on their old website exclusively catered to users who already knew Volition’s product. Therefore, users who had a problem but didn’t know Volition’s product name became lost leads, which was one factor impacting bounce rates across the site. 

We recommended taking a solution-focused approach on the new website. We developed a new site structure and keyword groups that were built to support Volition’s wider goals – increasing leads and reducing high bounce rates.

Improving keyword rankings and generating higher levels of organic traffic to the website was important to the success of the project. Therefore, taking a joined up approach with the SEO strategy, on page experience and messaging was critical to ensure that Volition benefited from the full impact of the improved rankings.

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