Brand strategy and identity for a membership organisation

IPFA is a membership organisation that facilitates public and private sector connections. As a not-for-profit organisation, their goal is to improve the delivery of infrastructure and energy projects and encourage best practice in the industry.

We were challenged to create a new brand for IPFA, including a brand strategy, communication strategy and brand identity. IPFA’s new brand needed to identify and target their core audiences and deliver content in a tone of voice and format that would optimise engagement.

Lead time:
8 weeks
Infrastructure & Energy
Target Type:
Brand Strategy & Brand Identity
IPFA brand assets mock up

The brand strategy

We led a number of workshops with IPFA’s stakeholders to understand their core target audiences and how they engage with the organisation. This enabled us to refine IPFA’s member personas and develop a communications strategy for IPFA’s team to refer to when creating content and marketing materials. We delivered a simplified communication strategy in a battle card format, providing a digestible reference point for the team to create consistent and on-brand copy.

IPFA branded assets showcase
IPFA brochure design

Dynamic brand patterns

We produced a set of dynamic brand patterns to increase engagement with the new brand. The animated line pattern is used on the new website to add depth and create a more engaging website design.


We refreshed IPFA’s logo, giving it a more modern look that would appeal to their target audience.

IPFA brand imagery


We introduced a completely new colour palette that was designed to stand out in the market and provide a greater level of brand flexibility.

IPFA branded website

Shape and form

We introduced brand shapes and patterns to add depth and create a distinct look that is unique to IPFA.

The website

Alongside the new brand, IPFA challenged us to redesign their website. They needed a user-centric website that would engage their members and provide access to a broad range of resources including events, webinars, podcasts and white papers. The new website was a huge success, increasing new users by 105% and sessions by 41%.

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