Flawless AI

Rapid WordPress website delivery for an AI innovator

Flawless AI uses groundbreaking AI powered tools to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by filmmakers. Their technology enables visual editing to accommodate script changes, dubbing, and changes to facial expressions without the need to re-shoot.

They had a major speaking event coming up and just a 5 week turnaround time for the site. We delivered an innovative website and supporting digital strategy in time for their event.

Lead Time:
5 Weeks
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Position Flawless AI as the market leader
UX Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing
AI website design
AI tool changing facial expressions
AI web design

The challenge

Flawless AI offers a truly groundbreaking product for the film sector, providing film makers with greater flexibility while maintaining budgets and timelines. They needed a website design that represented their position in their industry. It needed to be tech-forward, interactive, fast and high quality.

The biggest challenge of this project was the timeline, with a turnaround time around 3-4 times faster than a typical project its size. Our team created an ambitious project plan, collaborating closely with Flawless AI to meet their timeline without compromising on the final result.


  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x UX Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Copywriter

The website

We created a dynamic new website that utilises animation and video to create an immersive user experience. Delivered in WordPress, the new website provides Flawless AI with flexible content management.

Our designers used a dark colour palette to reflect the high tech industry that Flawless AI are shaping.

View site

Interactive scroll

Website assets load and zoom as the user scrolls down the page.

Key messaging

The website presents key messages throughout the user journey.

Call to actions

Clear call to actions are placed throughout the website to encourage conversions.

SEO strategy

It was critical that Flawless AI were found by prospective customers in film and production when looking for AI tools. We researched and analysed a broad range of keywords and selected keyword targets that Flawless could compete for in search engines.

The website was built and optimised to maximise the impact of the strategy and drive rankings for the business.

+ 1 33 %
Increase in search engine visibility since launch

In the chart above, blue bars represent positions 1-3 in Google, green represents rankings on the rest of page 1 and purple represents page 2 rankings.

In the weeks following launch, rankings immediately rose and are continuing to climb.

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