Hanson Wade

An ecosystem of new websites for a leader in biopharma

Hanson Wade provides insights on cutting edge drug development and brings together experts in the biopharma community to learn and share expertise.

They had ambitious plans for their digital ecosystem and needed 4 new websites to achieve their marketing objectives. Their new websites needed to increase the visibility of their conferences, provide a platform for industry experts to read the latest insights and research, and showcase the leading products used within the industry.

Lead Time:
6 Months
Pharma & Medical
Target Audience:
Life Science Professionals from Pharma, Biotech and Service Providers
Website Goal:
Develop an ecosystem of sites to help internal teams achieve their business goals, Showcase products in a compelling way, Improve website visibility & Be found by more prospective customers & delegates
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing
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The challenge

Hanson Wade challenged us to deliver 4 different websites: Life Sciences website, Group website, Advancing Consruction and Leap HR.

Appealing to life sciences professionals in the US and UK, it was important to maintain a professional and scientific feel to the site, while improving the content architecture and user experience for website visitors. Hanson Wade wanted to increase their search engine visibility and be found by more of their target audience looking for their products and services.

Pharmaceutical website design

Post-launch website results

The Hanson Wade websites rapidly climbed the search engines rankings in the UK and US following launch.

+ 1 1959 %
Increase in UK search engine visibility 6 months after launch
+ 1 2821 %
Increase in US search engine visibility 6 months after launch
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 2 x WordPress Developers
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x Project Manager
Pharma website design

Our approach

Increased performance was a key goal for the Hanson Wade team – they needed to increase search engine visibility and increase conversion rates. To achieve this, we delivered a digital strategy that spanned all 4 websites, researching a huge range of keywords that had the potential to generate high quality website traffic. Keywords were selected and assigned to pages throughout the sites, creating a targeted infrastructure of content that could be found by visitors in search engines.

We started work on Hanson Wade’s flagship Life Sciences website first. Our focus was to restructure the website content and navigation to create optimised user journeys that showcase Hanson Wade’s full range of products and services and encourage conversions.

To deliver the greatest value for the client, we reused the code from the Life Sciences website to create the other 3 websites. Our design team amended the user journeys and branding for each website but reused the flexible component modules which enabled Hanson Wade to save time and money on their project and accelerate their digital transformation process.


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WordPress CMS

Each website was built with a WordPress CMS to provide the Hanson Wade marketing team with a flexible system to create, edit and manage their content. The marketing team is enabled to move quickly and keep the website up to date with the latest research, products and conference information.

Given Hanson Wade’s SEO ambition, WordPress is a good fit for them to grow their Google rankings. When delivered correctly, it provides a huge amount of scope to optimise the site based on search engine algorithms and secure improved keyword rankings.

Mobile pharma web development

Digital strategy

We delivered a master digital strategy that reviewed organic keywords based on their ability to generate business for Hanson Wade. Each site was optimised for SEO, utilising the digital strategy to optimise the website structure, content and code.

Our marketing team conducted a competitor analysis, identifying Hanson Wade’s digital competitors, assessed their digital marketing activity, and identified opportunities for Hanson Wade to outperform them.

Hanson Wade had competitive website metrics but the previous websites hadn’t been built and optimised in a way that would enable them to achieve their potential. The new ecosystem of websites targeted highly specific keywords that would generate aligned website traffic that was likely to convert.


Hanson Wade SEO results chart

SEO results

The chart above shows Hanson Wade’s US keyword rankings and is taken from an SEO tool called Moz. Blue bars represent positions 1-3 in Google, green represents the remainder of page 1 in Google, and purple shows page 2 listings.

As you can see, the Hanson Wade websites secured huge increases in keyword rankings within the first 6 months. For many keywords, they went from ranking nowhere to ranking on page 1 of Google.


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