A secure WordPress website for an in-app advertising business.

Vungle is a San Francisco based in-app advertising business serving mobile app and game developers across the world. In a competitive market they strive to continually innovate. Vungle wanted to launch a new digital presence to bring their brand to life and improve their Saas platform sign-up conversion rates.

Lead time:
7 Weeks
SaaS Platform, Mobile Advertising
Target Type:
Technical Buyers
Website Goal:
SaaS Platform Conversion Rate, Marketing Team Enablement
Web Design, Website UX Design, Wordpress For Enterprise
Wirehive 100 Awards - B2B Site Of The Year Winner
UK Digital Growth Awards - B2B Site Of The Year Nomination
  • Custom Design
  • WordPress for Enterprise
  • Varnish Cache
  • CDN Cache
  • Custom Single Sign On
  • Recruitment API Integration
  • Salesforce Pardot Integration
  • Multilingual
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1x Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 2x Website Designers
  • 2x Front-end Programmers
  • 1x Back-end Programmer
  • 2x Quality Assurance Testers

Post-launch website results

The Vungle website focused on delivering a quality finish and providing a seamless user experience. This has been reflected in the post launch results which show huge increases in organic traffic and engagement.

+ 1 7 %
Increase in platform sign ups since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 43 %
Increase in page views since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 77 %
Increase in new organic visitors to the website since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
website design
responsive web design

Our approach

We delivered an innovative new website with a quality but playful look and feel. This was achieved using subtle animations and clever user journey mapping to bring the Vungle brand to life, driving sign ups to their SaaS platform.

The final website includes content in 4 different languages and enables the team at Vungle to tailor their content and marketing strategy to each regional audience.

Vungle Advertise page banner

V Expression

‘V expression’ is a core component of Vungle’s brand and represents the message of “Creativity In, Performance Out”.

How can we help you? call to action buttons


Our designers and front end developers worked closely together to create animations that reflect the Vungle brand.

Engage more users with your app section of the advertise page

Call to action

Vungle’s key call to action: ‘sign up’ features throughout the site to drive users to complete their user journey.

sign up page for website rebuild

Seamless page transitions

Call to actions and banners animate together to create the illusion that the user has not changed page.

Meeting to discuss new UX design
mobile sized version of Vungle website

Implementing the brand

As part of a company re-brand by MultiAdaptor, Vungle’s three main services of Advertise, Monetize and Creative Labs were given their own colour palette and ‘V Expression’. We implemented these throughout the service pages to provide cues to the user about their location on the site and to highlight the user journey for each service.

website design of SaaS platform in-app advertising business

Multilingual delivery

The Vungle website delivers content in 4 different languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. We delivered the site on a single domain, using subdirectories to manage the content for each territory. We configured the WordPress CMS to enable simple content management of multilingual copy that uses both latin and non-latin character sets.


“Plug & Play have surpassed our expectations and delivered a website to smash our competitors. Their creatives really grasped the brief and brought some fantastic ideas to the table, pushing the boundaries for our industry. It’s early doors but we’ve already noticed a spike in sign ups since launch. They’ve brought the new Vungle brand to life and I can’t recommend these guys enough.”

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