Noa Recruitment

A new brand and website for a rapidly growing recruitment agent

Noa is a recruitment agency that specialises in the technology sector. They needed a new website to increase their online visibility and attract new clients and candidates.

Lead time:
3 Months
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Website Goal:
Create an elevated design, increase visibility & attract new clients and candidates
Brand, Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing
  • 1 x Digital Strategist
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

The challenge

Noa were ready to step up their marketing efforts and needed a new brand, website and marketing strategy to deliver on their objectives. Their existing recruitment website was dated, clunky and didn’t appeal to their target audience. Our challenge was to evolve their brand and create a high performance website that appealed to their clients and candidates. The website needed to be flexible and able to scale with the business.

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The brand

Noa’s previous brand was dated and lacked the flexibility to facilitate a high quality digital design. We evolved the brand identity and introduced new colours, typography, shape and imagery. The new brand was implemented within the new website to create a modern and dynamic interface that uses interactive elements and assets to engage users.

Our design team created branded assets for the website design, making use of multi-layered components that combine dynamic brand elements and imagery to support the user journey.

The website

We delivered a high performance website that is built to be fast, engage users and drive conversions. Our designers curated the website structure in line with a digital strategy created by our marketing team. This approach ensures that the website structure supports the SEO objectives and enables users to intuitively navigate.

Our team developed the website in WordPress to provide maximum content dexterity while ensuring that the brand guidelines are easy for Noa to implement as they continue to produce new pages and content on the website.

2 main audiences

The website is structured to target 2 core audiences: clients and candidates.

Website assets

Our design team created dynamic branded assets that combine stock photography and Noa’s new brand. The outcome is a website design that feels unique and engaging.

Logic Melon Integration

We integrated the website with Logic Melon to pull through Noa’s job posts and track candidate engagement.


We colour coded job categories to provide visual cues on job posts.

SEO strategy

As a small recruitment agency with a relatively low competitive position in search engines, Noa needed to be strategic to secure new keyword rankings. We focused on specific job roles and locations to create optimised landing pages that could be found by prospective clients and candidates in search engines. Being specific in this way means that Noa could carve their niche in the market without competing with the huge recruitment agencies with much stronger competitive metrics.

Our strategy provides scope for Noa to continually review their keyword targets and increase their reach as their competitive position grows.

+ 1 659 %
Increase in search engine visibility since launch

In the chart above, blue bars represent positions 1-3 in Google and green bars represents rankings on the rest of page 1.

You can see that rankings immediately began to climb following the new website launch. Assessing Noa’s competitive position and selecting specific keywords that are aligned to their offering has enabled them to outperform larger recruitment agencies in search engines.

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve now launched our brand-new website! 😍

If you’ve used our website before then you’ll know just how much of an improvement we’ve made.”

Noa Recruitment

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