A website and brand for a disruptor product business

Keelvar provides market leading procurement software to enterprise organisations, helping them to source at scale. Their combination of groundbreaking technology and an agile business approach has positioned them as disruptors in their market.

They needed a new brand and website to differentiate them from competitors and enable their marketing team to move quickly.

Lead time:
16 Weeks
Target Type:
Procurement Managers in Enterprise Organisations
Website Goal:
Reflect position in market & increase enquiries
Branding, Web Design, Webflow, Web Development, Digital Marketing




  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x Brand Designer
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x Webflow Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

The challenge

As disruptors in their industry, Keelvar pushes the boundary of what has been done before in their market. Where their competitors are slow-moving and corporate, they are modern, flexible and able to move quickly. They needed a new brand and website to reflect their market position and to visually set them apart.

The new website needed to enable their marketing team with a flexible CMS that could be used to independently create and manage content. Their goal was to drive business performance by increasing search engine rankings and converting more visitors into enquiries.

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The brand

We developed a unique and vibrant brand that reflects the high tech nature of the business and the products they offer. Their offering is groundbreaking in their field and the brand needed to showcase the same innovative, forward-thinking and modern themes.

The new brand identity combines new typography, colours, shape and form, and imagery to produce a polished, trustworthy feel that is consistent and flexible.

Our team drew inspiration from technology companies and the fintech industry to deliver a bold result that represents the business.

The website

Keelvar’s new website needed to generate new enquiries for the business by increasing search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic, and by improving the website conversion rate.

To deliver this, we created a digital strategy that highlighted key opportunities to increase search engine visibility and optimise the website. We combined the digital strategy outcomes with conversion design best practice to produce a high performance website that Keelvar’s marketing team could leverage as part of their broader marketing ecosystem.

The new brand was utilised within the new website design and was brought to life using dynamic assets and animations.

We developed the website in Webflow which enables easy content management for the marketing team.

The SEO strategy

Keelvar had good domain metrics which gave them a fantastic start point to improve their organic rankings. They had a lot of potential but their existing website wasn’t developed and optimised in a way that encouraged rankings.

Our team delivered an SEO strategy that assessed a huge number of keywords that were relevant to the business. We selected high value and high intent keywords that Keelvar has a statistical chance of ranking for, to invest in as part of the optimisation process, delivering the greatest return for the business.

Chart showing large keyword ranking growth

In the chart above, blue bars represent positions 1-3 in Google, green represents rankings on the rest of page 1, purple represents page 2 rankings and orange shows pages 3-5.

You can see that rankings immediately rose in the month following launch. We’ll be continuing to track the website results over the coming months.

“This is my second time working with Plug and Play on a company rebrand and website redesign project and I was again thrilled with the outcome. They are a pleasure to work with, very organized, super creative and work to an extremely high standard. Clear communication and a transparent process ensures all stakeholders are aligned, we keep on track to deadlines and the project runs smoothly. They also listen carefully to our goals and objectives and take on feedback very effectively.

Its often hard to make the case internally to justify projects like these especially outsourcing to a third party that is unknown to internal decision makers. Each time I’ve worked with Plug & Play all stakeholders have been blown away and have said after the project that Plug and Play surpassed expectations.

I will continue to work with them again and again on future projects.”

Riona Kegarty, VP of Marketing, Keelvar

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