Luxury eCommerce Website Example - Selling F1 Tickets | Plug & Play

Grand Prix Events is an established online retailer that sells tickets in the luxury sports sector. Building on their wealth of experience in eCommerce, they recognised the need to develop a new website that would increase their organic keyword positions in search engines, and their online conversion rate.


Lead Time: 12 months
Sector: Events / Tickets
Target type: B2C and B2B
Demographic: Wealthy Consumers / Hospitality
Website Goal: Sell Tickets
Services: eCommerce web design, digital marketing


Custom Design
SVG Interactive Maps
Varnish Cache
Global CDN management
IP location detection
Xero integration
Content Migration
On-going support



1x Marketing Strategist
1x Digital Marketing Specialist
2x Website Designer
2x Front-End Programmer
2x Back-End Programmer
1x Project Manager
2x Quality Assurance Testers

Post-launch website results


We focused on transforming the SEO strategy and implementing designs that reassured visitors through the conversion funnel. This resulted in large improvements to both organic keyword positions and eCommerce conversion rate.


Keywords that have increased their positions in Google over a 4 month period post-launch


Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate of visitors to paying customers as tracked in Google Analytics


The number of keywords that rank in the top 3 positions in Google as tracked by

Our approach


Our new design focused on high quality imagery that illustrated the excitement of attending a Grand Prix. Custom circuit maps help users understand where a seat is located, and image galleries on the product pages show users what the view from their seat will be like.

Location detection


Depending on where you are in the world the website can automatically detect your location and supply the ticket prices in your localised currency.

Xero integration


To streamline operations the website is seamlessly connected to Xero, the accountancy software, enabling orders and invoices to be raised automatically cutting down on back-office admin work.



The website is setup to take sales in 4x currencies and the pricing management has a base currency in the back-end.

Conversion rate focus


The website has been designed to massively increase the online conversion rate of the website. We saw meaningful increases in visitor to purchasing rates following launch.

Search engine optimisation


A key consideration for the launch of the new Grand Prix Events website was SEO. Increasing search visibility in Google and improving rankings for key search terms is the first step in increasing online conversions, so we undertook a detailed SEO review of the website; optimising urls, on page content and meta titles and descriptions as well as a comprehensive 301 strategy before launch.

Our SEO research showed us that users were most likely to search for race specific keywords such as ‘British Grand Prix tickets’ or ‘Tickets to the Australian GP’ so we knew it was likely that users would land directly on a specific Grand Prix page, rather than the Homepage. With this in mind, each race has its own section of the website, containing useful information about attending the event and a variety of different ticket and package options. A secondary nav allows users to navigate easily through each of the pages relevant to the race they’re interested in.

Developing the brand


Our brief was to develop a subtle evolution of the brand while at the same time being instantly recognisable by their existing client base. We needed to focus on refining what was already there, making the form and shape of their device more unique and distinct.