Total Management Group

A dynamic website and strategy for a global events & travel company

Total Management Group delivers global event and travel solutions to businesses and high net worth individuals. They organise global events for clients like Spotify and Netflix, planning events, making travel arrangements and booking accommodation for attendees. 

They needed a new website, messaging strategy and SEO optimisation to attract prospective clients and convert them into new business leads.

Lead Time:
6 Months
Events & Travel
Website Goal:
Align communication style, Improve user experience, Lead generation
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Digital Marketing
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The challenge

Total Management Group delivers a range of services to their clients and were struggling to effectively communicate their offering on their website. They challenged us to create a brand strategy that got to the heart of their offering and communicated it clearly to their clients.

They approached us with 4 different websites and a complex user experience. We recommended combining their websites into a single site that would simplify their user journeys and reduce the ongoing management overhead for their team. The new website needed to engage prospective customers and convert them into new enquiries, leveraging a new SEO strategy to attract highly aligned website visitors.

  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x Marketing Strategist
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Content Writer
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Our approach

We delivered a new brand strategy for Total Management Group, creating a succinct breakdown of their business values, purpose, mission and value proposition, alongside a key messaging framework that enables their team to communicate with their audience effectively and consistently.

We created an engaging custom website using dynamic brand elements and interactive components. The sleek and modern design aligned Total Management Group with the clients they wanted to attract and repositioned the business in their market.

The website was designed and coded around an SEO strategy to help Total Management Group be found by prospective clients looking for their services in search engines. Combining the brand strategy and SEO outcomes, our team of copywriters created compelling website copy to attract, align and convert visitors, generating new business for Total Management Group.

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The website

Our designers collaborated with the client to create a fresh design and website structure that supported the user journeys and directed users throughout the website. The new design is clean and modern with an editorial style.

Total Management Group offers a full service solution but wanted to also start and attract new customers for stand alone services. As such, it was important that the 3 key services felt like ‘micro-sites’ and had a unique look and feel, while being recognisably part of the same company.

Digital strategy

We delivered a digital strategy to increase the visibility of Total Management Group’s website in search engines and drive high quality organic traffic.

Our marketing team assessed hundreds of potential keywords and selected keywords that Total Management Group could compete for in search engines and secure page 1 rankings.

The strategy informed the website structure, navigation and landing pages, providing the design team with an SEO brief to ensure the recommendations from the strategy were accounted for in the foundations of the website.

The menu

We introduced an interactive menu with hover effects, creating separate user experiences for each service.

Dynamic website

The new website is dynamic, utilising video, load animations and interactive elements to create an energising user experience.

User journeys

Our UX designers carefully curated the user journeys to deliver key messages and encouraging conversion.

Bold messaging

The website utilises the messaging structure and tone of voice from the brand strategy to deliver targeted content.

Brand strategy

At the time of approaching us, Total Management Group were unable to consistently and concisely communicate the company offering. Our team led a number of workshops and collaborated with the team of directors to establish Total Management Group’s value proposition, mission statement, values and brand purpose. From this, we created a new messaging framework that would appeal their clients.

The strategy provides a consistent structure for their team to use when communicating about the business, helping them to attract the right clients.

“I’m delighted to launch our new website as a clear representation of what Total Management Group delivers. I believe it not only showcases our skill and expertise but also our global reach. Over the last 18 months our team have achieved incredible growth across both the US and EU markets and our new website allows us to visually demonstrate our capabilities alongside a clear structure of who we are as a business.”

Natasha Thomas, CEO, Total Management Group

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