Home and Roost

A WooCommerce shop for a family run online retailer

Home & Roost sell hutches, runs and accessories for rabbits and other domestic pets. Seeking to expand on their success, they approached Plug & Play for a new eCommerce solution and a digital marketing strategy.

Lead time:
4 Months
Target Type:
Family Consumers
Website Goal:
Increase Online Sales
eCommerce Web Design, Digital Marketing
  • Custom Design
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • 1x Marketing Strategist
  • 2x Digital Marketing Specialists
  • 1x Website Designer
  • 1x Front-End Programmer
  • 1x Back-End Programmer
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1x Quality Assurance Tester

Post-launch website results

With sales and profitability as our KPIs we focused on delivering material improvements to Home and Roost’s AdWords campaigns, as well as their organic Google keyword positions and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

- 1 52 %
Reduction in Cost Per Click in their Google AdWords campaigns
+ 1 50 %
Increase in percentage conversion rate of PPC visitors to paying customers as tracked by Google Analytics
+ 1 61
The increase in the number of keywords that rank in the top 3 organic positions in Google as tracked by Moz.com


When we started work with Home & Roost their PPC was struggling with high costs and lower than expected returns. Their website’s SEO was also encountering issues around page speed, lack of content and poor keyword targeting. We undertook the task of completely rebuilding their digital marketing along with their website, delivering a significant return on investment.

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Full length image of a product page on the walls and floors website

Google ads and conversion rate optimisation

After an initial review of Home & Roost’s existing Google AdWords account we realised that we needed to re-build their campaigns from the ground up. Within a few months we were able to demonstrate that we had increased their revenue from PPC visitors by more than 146% while simultaneously reducing their CPC (Cost Per Click) by 52%.

The new website design also improved their eCommerce conversion rate by more than 26%.

Best of all, we increased the number of transactions by a full 300%.

Post-launch keyword results

189 157 126 94 63 31 0 May 22 Jul 24 Sep 25 Nov 27 Jan 29 Apr 2 Jun 4 Aug 6 Oct 8 Dec 10 #1-3 #4-10 #11-20 #21-50 #51+
Home and Roost Logo

“Working with the team at Plug & Play has been a pleasure, their professional and positive attitude to whatever you throw at them is refreshing and from past experience most welcome. P&P’s desire to understand our business from the start of our relationship has enabled us to grow into new areas of the market we hadn’t considered before.

We see Plug and Play as part of our business family rather than an agency we use and look forward to the future as we go from strength to strength.”

Home and Roost Logo

Alan Brimm, Home and Roost, Director

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Improving display advertising

When we initially took control of the Home & Roost display advertising it was struggling with high costs, low click volume and poor audience targeting.

Following our work, year on year impressions were up more than 13%, clicks grew by more than 874% and the click through rate was up by about 758%. All of this was achieved with a negligible increase in the budget.

SEO optimised

Alongside their PPC, we helped Home and Roost narrow their keyword focus and generate new and engaging content. We rewrote the content on nearly every product page to provide more information and make it more engaging to customers. The new content also improved their SEO rankings and on page keyword usage.

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