A new brand and website for a US law firm.

D.Law is a California based law firm that specialises in employment law.

Having recognised that the legal sector digitally lags behind other industries, they challenged us to combine professional legal services and marketing in a way that hadn’t been done before. Their team asked us to overhaul their brand, website and digital footprint.

Lead time:
5 Months
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Reposition visual brand, Generate new enquiries
Branding, Web Design, WordPress, Web Development, Digital Marketing
Law firm positioning statement
Law firm website design on mobile
Law firm brand device - profile images in circles
Law firm website development screenshot



  • 1 x Brand Designer
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x SEO Strategist

The challenge

Having identified an opportunity to lead their market by combining their established reputation with great marketing, D.Law commissioned us to transform their visual brand and website.

Outwardly, they looked like every other corporate law firm, with no clear point of difference or visual alignment with the clients that they wanted to attract. They challenged us to draw inspiration from forward-thinking disruptors in industries such as insurance and banking that are leading in-industry change.

D.Law is authoritative, approachable and empathetic, and that needed to be reflected in the new designs. They wanted to utilise video content within their site and increase new enquiries by growing their search engine rankings and organic traffic.

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D.Law web design on mobile
Law firm web design
D.Law new logo
Collage of law firm website design assets

The brand

D.Law offer an at-need service and many of their clients find them during a period of distress in the workplace. They wanted to create a feeling of safety for prospective clients where they felt understood and trusted that D.Law had the ability to win their case.

We created an approachable and professional brand by overhauling their colour palette, logo, typography, shape and form, and imagery.

The new brand delivers a high level of flexibility, giving D.Law’s marketing team the ability to create new brand assets seamlessly

D.Law website screenshot

Brand concept creation

D.Law’s brief was that they wanted to be authoritative while also fun, cool and approachable. Our first step was to calibrate these traits and understand the balance – were D.Law more serious and authoritative or were they fun and soft?

Our brand concept phase explored 2 different visual expressions of the brief in a mood boarding process. One concept was a more serious expression of the brief and the other was a softer approach.

This visual calibration enabled us to better understand the brief and client vision for the brand.

D.Law brand scale

D.Law responsive logo

The logo

We delivered a new responsive logo that can be simplified to a ‘D’ icon on smaller screens and social media.

Law firm brand colour palette

Colour palette

We selected an approachable colour palette of greens and earth tones that can be accented by a bold grapefruit colour.

D.Law typography


We selected a serifed font as a nod to the traditional roots of the legal sector and to convey authority and confidence.

D.Law image device - profile images in circles with accompanying names


We selected authentic imagery that showcases the real people that D.Law serves. The imagery is clean, simple and positive.

Shape & form

We drew inspiration from the new logo to develop brand devices that create design depth. The . from the logo is used as an image device that holds mini profile pictures. These are accompanied by names and stand for representation and impact.

The hard and soft lines of the font feed into the slightly rounded boxes that are used throughout the site. These shapes break up content, highlight text and create a sense of togetherness within the content and design framework.

The website

D.Law’s new website needed to increase their search engine visibility and generate new business for the law firm.

To achieve this, we delivered a new website around a digital strategy that combined keyword research with website structure, landing page recommendations and entry and exit point reviews.

The website design utilises the new brand and incorporates video content to achieve an approachable feel while demonstrating knowledge and communicating key messages.

We developed the website in WordPress, providing the D.Law team with a flexible CMS that they can use to continue managing and editing their website content.


Screenshot from new website - steps to starting a claim
Mobile screenshots of law firm web development

The SEO strategy

D.Law had domain metrics that could be competitive for a number of keywords. They were competing against some very well established businesses with extremely competitive positioning. Our job was to assess the keyword battles that D.Law had a statistical chance of success with, focusing their resources on strategic targets.

The new website was designed and built with SEO best practice at it’s centre, feeding into every touch point of the design and development.


Domain migration

D.Law made the business decision to change their domain name as part of their rebrand. Changing domain can be a risky process if incorrectly managed and it’s important that an experienced team handles the process.

Our marketing team managed the domain migration, ensuring that a best practice process was followed and that the client’s domain metrics and competitive position were seamlessly transferred with the launch of the new site.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Plug & Play. They delivered a sector-leading brand, website and marketing strategy for us, capturing the empathetic nature of our business while also producing something bold and authoritative.

Their team is outcomes driven (like us) and they immediately understood what we were looking to achieve. I’d definitely work with them again in the future.”

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