Nutmeg Productions

An interactive WordPress website for a video production company

Nutmeg Productions is a video production company in London. They work with their clients to create films and campaigns in a variety of sectors including healthcare, food, brand and corporate.

Nutmeg’s existing website was dated and no longer reflected their business and portfolio. They needed a new dynamic website that would enable their team and attract new business.

Lead time:
8 Weeks
Video Production
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Improve search engine rankings, Attract new clients
Web Development, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing

Post-launch website results

Nutmeg productions experienced a huge improvement in search engine visibility and organic traffic following the launch of their new website.

+ 1 105 %
Search engine visibility
+ 1 81 %
Organic traffic
+ 1 107 %
Organic sessions
  • WordPress Development
  • Interaction Aesthetic
  • Agency Collaboration
  • SEO Strategy
  • Ongoing SEO Work
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Front-end Developer
  • 1 x Back-end Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Marketing Strategist
  • 1 x Digital Marketer

The challenge

We collaborated with Ascend agency to deliver a beautiful and interactive website that would help them to stand out in their competitive market and rank more highly in search engines.

Ascend designed Nutmeg’s new website and challenged us to deliver their vision in code. The new website needed to be fast, smooth and interactive. They selected us because of our high quality development work and our ability to deliver SEO results.

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Banner animation

We developed a sleek banner animation that used Nutmeg’s logo as a progress bar.

Page transitions

We developed smooth page transitions to enhance the user journey. When a user hovers over a menu, they see a sneak peek of the next page

Use of video

We coded a number of video components to showcase Nutmeg’s video portfolio throughout the site

Our approach

We developed a high quality WordPress website that provides Nutmeg’s team with a high level of content control. They can easily update content, create new pages, and launch campaigns using their new CMS.

We created seamless page transitions, animations and hover effects. We also optimised the website speed and Core Web Vitals to maximise the user experience and ranking performance.

Digital Strategy

We produced a keyword strategy for Nutmeg to improve their rankings in Google. We focused on the most valuable service offerings for Nutmeg, as well as gateway offerings that often lead to a larger piece of work.

For the strategy, we analysed hundreds of keywords related to Nutmeg’s services. We assessed how competitive they could be for each keyword and narrowed the list down to the best keyword targets. From there, we assigned each page of the site a primary keyword and supporting secondary keywords.

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