Tring Park

A new website and brand to reposition a school in the market

Tring Park is a performing arts school and college covering a wide age range from prep through to sixth form. They challenged us to modernise their website and brand, and increase new admissions enquiries from prospective students.

Lead time:
14 Weeks
Target Type:
Students, parents and the local community
Website Goal:
Create a market leading website design, increase new admissions enquiries
Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing
  • 1x Brand Designer
  • 1x Web Designer
  • 1x Frontend Developer
  • 1x Backend Developer
  • 1x Marketing Strategist
  • 1x Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 1x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1x Project Manager

The challenge

Tring Park School’s website was beginning to look dated and didn’t effectively communicate their offering. With the old website holding them back, Tring were ready to launch a dynamic new brand and website that would stand out in their market and make them the performing arts school of choice.

They sought to improve the number of prospective students finding them in search engines by investing in search engine optimisation, while also improving their conversion rate by revamping their web design and user experience.

Post-launch website results

We significantly improved keyword positions, search engine visibility and organic traffic within the first 6 months of launching the site.

+ 1 60 %
Increase in search engine visibility
+ 1 10 %
Increase in organic traffic
+ 1 300 %
Increase in the number of keywords ranking #1-3 in Google

Our approach

We created a modern new website that can be easily edited. We built the website with reusable modules, providing the Tring Park Marketing Team with the flexibility to manage their content, create new pages, and have full autonomy over their page layouts, menus and components.

The new website needed to be multilingual to appeal to international audiences. We implemented multilingual functionality using Google’s translate plugin which is available to UK charities.

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Spektrix Integration

We integrated the website with Spektrix, Tring’s event management and booking platform.

Flexible content management

We designed the website using flexible branded components that give Tring’s marketing team the flexibility to create new page layouts and manage their content.

Alumni showcase

We showcase Tring’s previous graduates to build trust and demonstrate the success of Tring Park students.

Digital strategy

Tring Park school is funded through fees. As such, it’s important that the school can demonstrate its qualities to prospective students and parents. As a not-for-profit organisation the school doesn’t exist to turn a profit, however it does need a sound underlying business case.

To put the school on the right digital footing we undertook a digital strategy that would guide the process as to how the school would deliver a return on investment for the website and branding project.

The digital strategy outlined how Tring Park could play to its strengths and how it could increase its market penetration and conversion rates. The goal was to drive more engagement in the pre-visit phase of the new pupil experience, creating awareness and desirability for Tring Park.

With the data clearly outlining how young people are looking for their prospective schools, and representing that Tring Park had a great opportunity to increase its attendance, the website was commissioned in line with the recommendations in the digital strategy.


We delivered a new brand identity for Tring Park by focusing on their audience and key values. We led the client through a branding process, focusing on their key values and the existing cornerstones of their visual identity. By collaborating with their marketing team, senior team and school governors, we were able to create and deliver an impactful brand that stands out against competitors.

We created a brand design system that provides visual dexterity and enables the marketing team to flexibly use the brand across their online and offline marketing materials. A particular area of focus was creating brand shapes and patterns that could be interlocked with Tring’s photography to produce a unique style that is highly engaging and distinctly Tring’s.


“We worked with Plug & Play to deliver a new website and brand that ranks highly in search engines and generates new enquiries for the school. As the UK’s leading performing arts and academic school, we needed our new website to effectively showcase our offering and make us the school of choice for talented students.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the results and the Plug & Play team has been a great support. They made strategic recommendations based on our goals, and their creative team was brimming with ideas for the site design. The team are always on hand for not only technical support, but are also happy to help give their professional opinions and ideas in other aspects as well which is invaluable to us. They are patient and take their time to explain things in detail which has made the experience highly enjoyable.

I can’t recommend Plug & Play enough and I look forward to continuing to work together!”

Ashleigh Daley, Digital Communications Officer, Tring Park

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