Random 42

A dynamic WordPress website for a medical animation business

Random 42 is a London based medical animation studio that brings complex scientific processes to life with animated videos.

They challenged us to deliver a new website to showcase their animation work and generate new business.

Lead time:
6 Months
Medical & Life Sciences
Target Type:
Target Audience:
Researchers, Educators & Pharmaceutical Companies
Website Goal:
Stand out from competitors & Increase lead generation
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing

The challenge

Random 42’s previous website was dated and didn’t reflect the innovative nature of their work. They challenged us to deliver a website with improved user journeys that would provide an immersive and engaging user experience for their visitors. They wanted to incorporate their animations into the website, showcasing the quality of their work.

As well as achieving a sector-leading design, Random 42 were ready to invest in their SEO strategy to improve their organic search engine rankings.

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Our approach

We created a visual design that combined clean imagery with interactivity to produce an immersive user experience. Random 42’s key design themes included immersive, visual, scientific and unique and these were captured within the new design style.

As a dynamic marketing team, Random 42 needed a flexible CMS that would provide them with an extensive amount of flexibility. We developed the website in WordPress and codified their brand guidelines to deliver functional flexibility with the structure of their design system.

We produced a digital strategy to drive website performance, designing and building the website in a way that would improve search engine rankings and generate high quality traffic to the website.





  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x SEO Strategist

The website

Our team created a modern website that combines animations and interactivity to create visual interest and direct the user journey. We developed parallax scrolling within the web design to create a sophisticated finish with depth.

The website contains a large amount of high quality video and animation which is handled seamlessly with a combination of Cloudflare and Vimeo hosting. Our team advised on the best video and image file formats for the site so Random 42 could achieve the highest quality media files at the lowest file weights.

The website integrates with Salesforce and Pardot to manage new enquiries and provide the marketing team with insights into visitor activity.

Dynamic design

Random 42s new website design incorporates video and animation to bring their work to life.

Salesforce Pardot integration

We integrated the website with Salesforce & Pardot to provide the Random 42 team with better analytics and tracking.

Randomised homepage banner

A different banner video plays when the homepage is refreshed.

SEO strategy

Following some SEO work with us 4 years ago, Random 42 were performing well for a number of high quality keywords. The business had grown since their last SEO strategy was produced and it was time to review their performance and identify new opportunities for growth.

We assessed hundreds of keywords to identify new keyword targets for Random 42 based on their current position in the market. As a niche industry, we needed to target high intent keywords with a high level of specificity to generate increased levels of organic visibility and traffic.

The website was optimised in line with the new strategy and the website structure was created to accommodate the recommendations, including entry points and landing pages from organic search.

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