A carbon footprint calculator to uncover your environmental impact.

The World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. Their mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.

Their project goal was to enable the general public to calculate their own carbon footprint and compare their results to the average in their country and worldwide. WWF challenged us to develop an environmental footprint calculator that would convert their complex carbon footprint calculations into an engaging and user friendly survey.

Lead time:
3 months
Not For Profit
Target Type:
General Public
Website Goal:
Measure environmental impact in a gamified way
Web App Development, Laravel Development, Vue.js Development

The approach

As a global WWF resource, the calculator needed to be able to handle hundreds of concurrent users, be scalable, and be secure.

The WWF team needed the ability to manage the calculator and easily update the formulae as data variables and emission averages fluctuated. We developed the calculator with a user friendly management system where the calculator logic could be updated by uploading an Excel sheet to the backend system.

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  • 1 x Digital Product Manager
  • 2 x Laravel Developers
  • 1 x Front-end Developer

Flexible admin interface

We delivered an easily managed admin interface with Laravel Nova

Ongoing management

The WWF team can update the calculator logic by uploading an Excel sheet

Amazon AWS

The web app can deploy and scale easily on Amazon AWS.

Vue.js frontend

We developed the frontend code in Vue.js

The development

Our web developers worked alongside the WWF development team to detail the technical requirements and considerations. Our developers recommended the best development approach to meet the technical requirements and the overall project objectives.

We developed a Laravel web app that could be maintained by WWF’s existing team and could be easily deployed and scaled on Amazon AWS.

A web app for good

Our collaboration with WWF has launched the environmental footprint calculator globally and will increase awareness of how our lifestyles impact the environment. The data recorded from the calculator will also facilitate WWF’s ongoing research and benchmarking.


“Our internal team was impressed by the quality of their work. It was a really positive experience. We developed a great relationship with them. We’ve ended up with a better version of the product than we started with. It’s scalable and more robust and it’s enabling us to partner with other organizations in a meaningful way. We would like to work with them again on other projects.”

Chris Cottrell, Senior Digital Product Manager, WWF

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