A luxury WordPress website for a high-end construction firm

Delcon specialises in the construction of luxury residential, retail and commercial properties. They challenged us to deliver a new brand and website that reflected the quality of their work.

Lead time:
12 weeks
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Brand Identity & Website

The challenge

The Delcon team identified that their customers were using the appearance of their website and brand to infer the quality of their construction work. With a dated website design and user experience that didn’t reflect their high quality and precise work, Delcon was ready to invest in their site to connect with their customers and reflect their position in the market.


Our approach

Delcon wanted to retain their reputation as an exclusive business that operated almost exclusively on referrals. Their new website needed to reflect their quality and exclusivity while converting referrals into enquires.

As per the brief, we took an image-led approach to the website design and used imagery to reflect Delcon’s design style. The design pairs raw construction elements with refined finishes, focusing on small and detailed touch points such as sleek loading animations and interactive elements.

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Dynamic design

We created a website design with subtle movement and interaction that produces a premium feel. These interactions include parallax animations where elements on the page scroll at slightly different speeds. We also created an expansion and narrowing effect on the screen as the user interacts with the page. This directs the user’s attention and signposts the user journey.

We introduced ambient video footage into the design to create depth and visual interest.

The development

We developed the website using WordPress to provide a flexible content management system for the Delcon marketing team. The new site gives them a high level of  customisation while also enforcing their new brand guidelines.

Image showcase

The site is designed to show glimpses of Delcon’s work and materials, while maintaining client confidentiality which is required on the majority of Delcon’s projects.

Team page design


An interactive component was created to showcase the Delcon team.


The new website harnesses the balance between form & function, and between raw & refined. These concepts are at the heart of Decon’s brand.

The brand

We evolved the Delcon brand, creating a new colour palette, typography and image guidelines. The brand was rolled out to the new website and portfolio ‘look book’ and was prepared to be implemented on hoardings and on-site materials.

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