Positioning a bunker fuel trader as the market leader

Integr8 is an internationally recognised bunker fuel management provider that is transforming fuel procurement for the shipping industry. They needed a new brand identity, SEO strategy and website to stand out as the market leader.

Lead time:
16 Weeks
Shipping & Finance
Target Type:
Senior Operations & Procurement Mangers
Website Goal:
Reflect position in market & improve SEO
Branding, Web Design, WordPress, Web Development, Digital Marketing


  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x Brand Designer
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

The challenge

As leaders in their market, Integr8 recognised that their website was holding them back. They wanted to stand out in their market and move away from the stereotypical shipping industry branding of blue colour palettes and pictures of the sea and ships.

The site needed to represent their company traits, which were innovative, tech-enabled, data/results-driven, forward-thinking and client-focused

Their goals were to establish a unique brand, outrank their competitors in search engines and deliver key messages as part of optimised user journeys.

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The brand

We created a modern, engaging brand that would set Integr8 apart from competitors. The client was ready for a complete brand overhaul, retaining only the basic shape and typography of the logo. Using a dark theme at the base of the brand, we introduced a new colour palette, including gradients to achieve depth.

We created a set of brand shapes including a primary wave shape with a number of supporting graphics. These could be used in a dynamic or still form to achieve a slick and high impact visual.

We introduced a new set of typographies to provide a flexible set of fonts to deliver key messages of the business.

The website

The goal of Integr8’s new website was to position themselves as the market leader in the bunker fuel industry. They wanted an engaging website that was visually different to their competitors.

The shipping industry can be traditional and our challenge was to push the boundaries of the industry, while keeping the design simple, engaging and clear.

We utilised the new brand work to establish a flexible design system for the new website design. The design system combined the brand assets to produce a distinct eye catching design that also provided the Integr8 team with the flexibility to manage and edit their content.

Our developers built the website in WordPress, using a component based approach to provide the best content management. The components were codified with the new brand guidelines, ensuring that internal teams could continue to implement the brand consistently.

The SEO strategy

Integr8 operate within a low volume, high value industry. Search volumes of their target keywords are typically low compared to other markets, however they are highly specific and extremely valuable. In markets like these, capturing opportunities by ranking well and effectively converting traffic into new business is critical to success.

Our SEO team assessed hundreds of keywords to identify the keywords that Integr8 had the best statistical chance of ranking for, and were most likely to generate high quality traffic for the business. Once the keywords had been selected, the website was optimised to enable the website to begin climbing the rankings.

Integr8’s SEO strategy feeds into all elements of the project and interlocked with the design and development processes. To maximise their search engine rankings, it was important that the SEO strategy was completed at the start of the project so a holistic approach could be taken to the implementation.

+ 1 1279 %
Increase in search engine visibility since launch

In the chart above, blue bars represent positions 1-3 in Google, green represents rankings on the rest of page 1 and purple represents page 2 rankings.

You can see that rankings immediately rose following launch and have continued to climb, generating huge increases in visibility and organic traffic for Integr8.

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