A flexible and secure CMS for a busy marketing team

Clarasys is an independent business consultancy with a global reach. They work with their clients to navigate large scale digital transformation, unlocking value and enhancing customer experience.

Lead time:
8 weeks backend, 12 weeks frontend
Business consultancy
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Secure the website, enable the marketing team
Website development, website design, behavioural analysis and content architecture review, SEO
  • WordPress CMS
  • Modular page structure
  • CDN cache
  • Responsive development
  • Adobe XD wireframes
  • Adobe XD designs
  • Gated content
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1x Front-end Programmer
  • 1x Back-end Programmer
  • 1x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1x Digital Marketing Specialist
New mobile designs for clarasys website

The challenge

Clarasys was struggling with an inflexible website that had developed a number of security concerns over time. All content changes required IT support which was delaying marketing initiatives and causing frustration across departments. Clarasys challenged us to secure their website and deliver a user friendly content management system to help them manage their site day to day.

Having just undergone a rebrand, Clarasys also needed a new frontend design to launch their new brand.


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Post-launch website results

Clarasys have experienced fantastic early results from their website rebuild. Their high quality code base has positively impacted the performance of their website and their visibility in Google.

+ 1 15 %
Increase in organic traffic since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 77 %
Increase in server response time which is a ranking factor in Google, as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 50 %
Increase in page load speed since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.

Post-launch keyword results

6 12 18 24 36 30 0 Sep 29 Oct 20 Nov 10 Dec 22 Dec 1 Jan 12 Feb 2 Feb 23 Aug 18 Sep 8 #1-3 #4-10 #11-20 Before After

Our approach

We recommended a backend first rebuild to rapidly deliver priority functionality. This involved rebuilding and launching a new backend code base before starting work on the new website design. We secured the website and replaced the hard coded page layouts with modular components to enable easy content management.


Newly designed Clarasys homepage

Bringing the brand to life

We delivered a vibrant new website design utilising Clarasys’ new brand assets and colour palette.

SEO optimised Case study page for Clarasys

SEO optimisation

Our team optimised the website for key search terms to improve search engine rankings and build organic traffic.

Easy content manageable system for new case studies

Easy content management

With a new user friendly CMS Clarasys’ marketing team can keep content up to date and showcase their work.

Meet the Clarasys team

Getting to know the team

Our research showed that users were interested in reading about the Clarasys team but struggled to navigate the long list of team members. The new site design presents relevant team member profiles alongside content to assist the user journey.

Designing with data

We conducted a behavioural analysis and content architecture review to benchmark Clarasys’ existing website performance against key competitors in their market. This data was used to guide the new website structure and create engaging user journeys, increasing on-site conversion rate and search engine rankings.

Clarasys Logo

“Plug & Play are truly great at what they do and think about things in ways that others do not. They are a really great organisation delivering an outstanding quality of work and are genuinely awesome people to work with!”

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