Minale + Mann

An award winning website with incredible digital marketing results

Minale + Mann are an exciting and vibrant architectural design and build company based in London. They approached Plug & Play because they were looking for high levels of attention to detail and quality.

Lead time:
6 months
Professional Services, Construction
Target Type:
B2C and B2B
Wealthy Property Owners
Website Goal:
Generate Enquiries
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing
Webby Awards - Special Honours
Awwwards - HM Award
CSS Awards - Special Kudos
Drum Design Awards - Highly Commended
  • 1x Marketing Strategist
  • 1x Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 2x Website Designers
  • 2x Front-End Programmers
  • 2x Back-End Programmers
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 2x Quality Assurance Testers

Post-launch website results

We focused on transforming Minale + Mann’s SEO strategy which resulted in huge improvements to organic keyword positions including a 2,320,316% increase in search engine visibility.

+ 1 50
Keywords now on page 1 of Google that they were not ranking for before the new website
+ 1 91 %
Increase in organic traffic generated from keywords tracked in Moz.com
- 1 30 %
Reduction in bounce rate from organic traffic when comparing before and after launch

Before and after

old version of the minale and mann seymour walk page Seymore walk case study banner web design

Post-launch keyword results

10 21 31 42 62 52 0 Mar 5 Jun 11 Sep 17 Apr 1 Dec 24 Jul 8 Oct 14 Jan 20 Aug 21 Nov 27 #1-3 #4-10 #11-20 Before After

The challenge

This project was all about uncompromising quality. At every touch point we needed to deliver immersive aesthetic interactions with beautiful art directed imagery and video.

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Built for SEO

As with all of our websites, the Minale + Mann code base has been produced to be highly semantic and in line with SEO best practices.

Fully content managed

Minale + Mann’s internal marketing team have been enabled to update content, text, imagery, layouts and menus with their WordPress CMS.

Touch optimised for mobile

The analytics of the old website highlighted that a high proportion of their visitors use mobile devices so the touch aesthetic was one of our key considerations.

The brand

Minale + Mann already had an established brand identity but it didn’t reflect the “refined industrial” feel of their portfolio. They had outgrown their bright and playful brand and challenged us to create a sleek and sophisticated new identity.

Our approach was to elevate the brand by adopting a style and a colour palette that was in keeping with Minale + Mann’s architectural design ethos and would engage prospective clients visiting their website.

Brand Guidelines

Sebastian Mann

“This has to be one of the sexiest, most sleek, graphically beautiful, efficiently performing websites out there! In other words……it’s ‘sh*t hot’! I am seriously thrilled with it”

The website

We created a beautiful image-led design system for the new website, incorporating the new brand to produce an elegant and high-end website design.

To achieve the premium finish that Minale + Mann’s target customers were looking for, we incorporated subtle animations and ambient video within the design. These provide an elevated dynamism that is effortless and engaging – enabling users to feel the quality. These effects include time lapse video footage, image animations that zoom and expand on scroll, and seamless page transitions.

Our developers coded the website using WordPress to give Minale + Mann’s marketing team maximum content dexterity. The new website code base is fast, best practice and scalable.

premium Minale and Mann designed kitchen minale and mann built living room

SEO strategy

Minale + Mann were ready to scale their business and expand their market share. Their existing lead generation relied heavily on the founders’ reputations, networking and word of mouth. They knew that to step up, they needed to open up new sales channels.

Minale + Mann’s start point was relatively poor – they ranked in the top 50 for a couple of keywords which was a great sign that search engines recognised what they did. However, from a user perspective, nobody was finding them on page 4-5 of Google. Their competitive metrics were fairly average – they had some leverage to secure rankings but we needed to be strategic to make sure that our work would drive meaningful improvements to their bottom line.

Our SEO strategy focused on identifying keyword targets that users were searching to find architects like Minale + Mann and were in a buying mindset. We selected keywords that Minale + Mann could realistically achieve and would generate new business for the firm.

Our SEO specialists optimised the website, using content that the client already had to secure new rankings.


The new website has significantly increased Minale + Mann’s market penetration which has had a huge impact on Minale + Mann’s lead generation and revenue. The new website generates high quality traffic from aligned prospective customers and converts visitors into high quality leads.

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