A new brand and user experience for a leading US betting platform

OddsIndex is a US based betting platform that enables its customers to find and compare the best odds from market leading betting providers.

We created a new brand, website design and user experience for the business.

Lead time:
6 Weeks
Sports & Betting
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Create a market leading user experience
UX Design, Web Design, Branding

The challenge

Sports betting can be complex and involves the management of a huge amount of data. Our challenge was to create a seamless and engaging user experience that utilises data in a way that can be consumed by visitors.

From a visual design perspective, we needed to create a brand and website design with limited imagery. We needed to display information and comparison tables in an appealing way that maintained the integrity of the data.

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The brand

We created a new brand identity for OddsIndex, including a new logo, typography, colour palette and design system. The brand needed to be vibrant and flexible while achieving a high quality design finish.

We created 3 brand concepts for the betting company, approaching the brief from a few different directions. Our designers worked closely with the client to build a brand and design system that reflects the business and their customers.

The website

Our design team created the new website, using OddsIndex’s new brand identity to elevate the look and feel of the interface. The user journeys are optimised to create a streamlined conversion path that enables users to find the best betting odds and bonuses.

OddsIndex have an ambitious in-house marketing team that were managing the SEO of the website. We collaborated throughout the web design process to ensure that the new design supported their SEO strategy and enabled them to continually improve their search engine visibility.

  • User Journey Mapping
  • Adobe XD Wireframe Prototypes
  • Adobe XD Prototypes
  • Brand Identity




  • 1 x Brand Designer
  • 1 x UX Designer
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x Project Manager

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