Driving business outcomes for a medical recruitment agency.

Zenopa is a recruitment agency that specialises in the commercial side of healthcare, recruiting for roles in pharmaceutical, medical, science, dental and more.

They commissioned our team to deliver a new high performance website and digital strategy, helping them to convert new clients and candidates online.

Lead Time:
5 Months
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Website Goal:
Increase website visibility, design & performance
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing, Integrations

The challenge

The Zenopa website had expanded over time, becoming difficult for users to navigate and find information. They needed a complete recruitment website overhaul, with a focus on restructuring the website architecture and content hierarchy to increase the accessibility of content and improve the user experience.

With 2 key visitors: Candidates and Employers, the website needed to branch the user journeys and lead each user type to the relevant conversion point on the website.

As part of the new website project, Zenopa’s marketing team were keen to invest in their digital marketing footprint to increase their visibility in search engines and be found by more prospective candidates and clients.

  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Backend Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

The website

We delivered a WordPress website that was integrated with Quarz to pull in Zenopa’s job listings. Our UX team created an intuitive job search to facilitate the candidate user journey and enable them to seamlessly find relevant job listings.

Our design team and digital strategist collaborated to create a content structure that would increase the accessibility of Zenopa’s large amount of deep content, while also supporting the SEO strategy. Our designers utilised breadcrumbs to signpost users and created dynamic content workflows so visitors only see content that is relevant to their selections and location on the website.

The new website is international and specifically targets 4 territories in 3 languages.

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International targeting

As a global recruitment agency, Zenopa needed a website that would support their recruitment in 4 different territories and 3 languages.

With best practice international targeting in place, Zenopa’s new website is optimised for SEO, enabling them to rank locally in their target regions and deliver specific messaging and functionality to regional audiences.

Zenopa’s new website is coded in a way that provides a foundation for future expansion. They have the digital infrastructure in place to support expansion to new markets in the future.

Gated content

We created gated content to capture engaged leads for the business.

A personal approach

Team profiles can be connected to content throughout the site to provide contact details relevant to specific job roles and content.

Brand development

We expanded Zenopa’s existing brand, introducing new shape, form and a broader colour palette. This provided greater depth for the website design.

Digital strategy

We researched hundreds of keywords that were relevant to Zenopa’s business and services. Our team analysed the data and selected target keywords that Zenopa had a statistical chance of ranking for in search engines.

Zenopa had strong domain metrics which enabled us to aim high in the strategy and target high value and high search volume keywords that generate new business for the agency.

The strategy fed directly into the website design and development, with all 3 teams working together to create an optimised and high performance website.

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