A fresh brand identity for a luxury construction company

Delcon is a high-end construction company that specialises in luxury retail and residential properties. They needed a new brand identity to attract new customers and elevate themselves above the competition. They wanted to be the construction company of choice for exclusive construction projects.

Lead time:
8 weeks
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Brand Identity & Website

The challenge

Delcon’s existing brand was dated and didn’t represent the quality of work that they delivered. They challenged us to refresh their visual identity and align their brand with their target customers.

The new brand needed to help prospective customers self-identify as a good fit by highlighting Delcon’s attention to detail and quality of work. Delcon wanted to take a minimalist image-led approach, showing their customers what they do rather than telling them.




Delcon’s imagery balances form & function, and raw & refined, using raw and finished materials in contrast with each other. For example, marble walls and lava-stone showers.


To select the typography, we assessed a number of high fashion brands such as Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Rolls Royce. These brands use simple and delicate lettering that create a luxury and understated feeling to the copy. We replicated this style, selecting a simplistic but impactful combination of fonts to reflect the Delcon brand.


We created a bold and authoritative logo that reflects a confident and established business. The carefully constructed letter forms balance boldness with intricacy.

Colour palette

The Delcon colour palette is subtle and understated to enable the imagery to stand out.

Raw and Refined

Raw and refined imagery is used side by side to showcase the craftsmanship of Delcon’s work.

The website

Following the rebrand, we collaborated with Delcon to create a fresh new website design. We delivered an interactive design that engages users and directs users through to conversion. The website uses best practice code, loads quickly and incorporates sleek animations.

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