Janine Stone

A website rebuild to rapidly increase performance.

Janine Stone is an architecture and interior design studio that delivers luxury residential homes.

Having undertaken a website project with another agency a few years prior, they were unhappy with the results and needed a rapid solution to get the website working for the business.

We rebuilt their website to improve the code quality, performance, content management capability, and search engine rankings.

Lead time:
4 Months
Architecture & Interior Design
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Improve Code Quality, Increase Performance, Improve Content Management
Website Development, Digital Marketing, Content Entry

The challenge

Janine Stone came to us frustrated with their existing website. It was a relatively new website but they were struggling with its performance and content management capabilities. Updating and creating content was difficult and they were reliant on support from their developers to make changes. In addition to this, they were losing website traffic because of slow load speeds. On the whole, the website was costing more of their time and money than it should have been.

Their team came to us for advice on what was doable with their site, unsure whether they would need a completely new website or if we could work with their existing code base. Having already invested a lot of money in their new website, they were keen to retain any value from the site that they could. Janine Stone were happy with the website design but needed big improvements elsewhere to get the site working for the business.

Our solution

We rebuilt the backend of the website, implementing best practice secure code. Doing so resolved the majority of Janine Stone’s challenges and delivered a flexible content management system with increased website load speeds and an improved the user experience.

Our approach reused Janine Stone’s website design, offering a rapid and cost effective solution to the problems they were facing.

Alongside the website rebuild, we delivered a digital strategy to improve search engine rankings and generate high quality new business leads.

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  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Digital Marketing Strategist
  • 1 x Content Specialist

The digital strategy

Our marketing team assessed Janine Stone’s current footprint in search engines and measured where they could perform with better website code and on-page optimisation. They put together a number of recommendations to close the gap and elevate the website performance, enabling prospective customers searching for their services to find them.

We optimised the website for the selected high value keywords and tracked the performance to measure the impact.

Janine Stone SEO Results

SEO results

The chart above represents Janine Stone’s search engine rankings over the course of the project. Blue bars represent keyword positions 1-3 in Google, green represents the remainder of page 1 in Google, and purple shows page 2 listings.

As the graph shows, our work resulted in significant ranking improvements and visibility in search engines.

+ 1 40 %
Increase in search engine visibility

“We commissioned Plug & Play to rebuild the backend of our website to give our marketing team more control – and to make our lives that little bit easier!

Plug & Play delivered on their promise of a flexible and easy-to-use CMS and made some extra code updates to lift the design of the site. It was all underpinned by the SEO work we did with their digital marketing team to create our new digital strategy, which also helped us update the navigation and key pages on our site.

The project went smoothly and was well managed throughout to deliver on our expectations, and ultimately gave us a CMS we can use easily and with the flexibility we need.”

Brad Fitchew, Marketing Manager, Janine Stone

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