Random 42

A backend website rebuild for a medical animation studio

Random 42 is a London based medical animation studio that brings complex scientific processes to life with animated visualisations.

The studio’s existing site was built on old technology which left the team unable to update content and imagery without support. It was critical to provide greater control to the marketing team, enabling them to easily edit content and imagery without IT support.

Lead time:
14 weeks
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Target Type:
Pharmaceutical companies
Website Goal:
Upskill and enable internal teams, generate new enquiries
Website backend development, digital marketing, dev ops, content migration
  • WordPress CMS
  • Varnish cache
  • Pardot integration
  • SEO audit and implementation
  • Competitor analysis
  • 1 x Senior Backend Developer
  • 1 x Junior Backend Developer
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Digital Marketing Specialist

The challenge

Random 42 were looking for a streamlined and cost effective solution to the main challenges that their website faced. They needed a flexible CMS and to generate a greater number of new enquiries by improving search engine rankings.

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Our approach

Random 42 were happy with the existing design of their website so our team recommended a backend rebuild with some complimentary SEO work. The website issues were closely linked to the backend build of their website so a backend only recode would offer an accelerated and cost effective solution.

Post-launch website results

Our team optimised each page for carefully selected keywords which has had a huge impact on keyword rankings and organic traffic. The new backend code has made the website faster and easier to use for the Random 42 team and their clients.

+ 1 33 %
Increase in organic traffic since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 46 %
Increase in page load speed since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 43 %
Increase in search visibility since go live as tracked by Moz.com.

Recoding for speed

The backend recode had a significant impact on the speed of the Random 42 website, providing a smoother experience for their clients. Varnish cache was implemented to further increase website speed and to provide a superior level of security.


A CMS for the team

Delivering a WordPress CMS gave the Random 42 team complete flexibility to edit their website content and page layouts without IT support. The new CMS helps to future-proof the website by ensuring it is flexible to the future needs of the company and that new employees can be quickly onboarded with the system.

Random42 Logo

“The Plug & Play team were excellent throughout our website rebuild. The support we received was invaluable and really gave me confidence. The back-end to the site itself is a massive improvement and more user friendly, enabling me to manage the site more easily and efficiently.”

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