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Marketing Teams choose us to provide a rapid solution to their content management and code quality issues.

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We recode websites to increase speed, quality and performance.

A website should work as a sales and marketing tool for your business, however they can sometimes become unmanageable, time consuming, and no longer deliver value.

We understand the importance of enabling your team, tightening up security, and delivering a better code base to grow keyword rankings – and doing it quickly. When these are the primary concerns, we often recommend a backend-first approach

Efficient solutions to enable your team.

A backend-first approach involves re-coding or re-platforming the existing website using a high quality code base while retaining the frontend design. This approach provides an accelerated solution to the immediate issues that your business faces without the time and feedback pressures that are usually associated with a frontend redesign.

Recoding the backend of a website provides the strong code foundation that you need to increase your visibility in Google and start generating new enquiries through your website. It will also enable your internal marketing team to do more by providing a flexible new CMS that can be used to easily edit and create new content and pages.

Design process for rebuilding a website redesigning and rebuilding a website

Frontend design

Once the backend website rebuild is complete and the quality code is in place, many businesses choose to redesign the frontend of the website as a phase 2 of the project. Once the urgent concerns have been resolved, it is possible to select a quieter time when your team have the resource available to provide design feedback.

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