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We collaborate with working groups and stakeholders at multiple levels within mid-market organisations to de-risk and accelerate their digital transformation.

Our team is composed of senior professionals that have worked on tens of transformation projects. We bring expertise and on-the-ground experience to deliver outcomes for your business.

We specialise in transformation projects for mid-market businesses, often with a budget range of £250k – £5m.


Our clients have complex goals and objectives with deliverables consisting of websites, mobile apps, integrations, back-end systems such as ERPs and CRMs, and offline systems and processes.

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We transformed Powerleague’s technical infrastructure to accommodate their aggressive growth plans and customer experience targets.

The transformation encompassed their international customer-facing website, booking flow, mobile app, and the complex integrations that passed data between systems.

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RSL Awards

We digitally transformed RSL awards’ digital ecosystem, strategically transitioning the organisation to an architecture that improved the user experience, provided greater admin and marketing dexterity, and drove sales.


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“1st big leap forward in terms of digital transformation at Powerleague with many more steps to come. Exciting times and of course all about making our customers lives easier and giving them quick and easy bookings with a host of leading edge enhancements to follow. ⚽️⚽️⚽️”

Cole & Son

We established the digital infrastructure required to transition Cole & Son from distributor sales model to selling direct to the consumer globally.

Our team brought together digital transformation and marketing strategy to deliver 101% increase in revenue for the client.

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Give a Grad A Go

We partnered with the UK’s top graduate recruitment agency to capture a new segment of the recruitment market with introduction of self service infrastructure.

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Deep team expertise

Complex projects require deep team structures that flex over time. Our clients benefit from the skills, expertise and seniority required throughout the transformation process – from the initial strategy and solutioning, through the design and technical architecture and on into development.

Although the people and skillsets required for your project will flex over time, your broader project team will remain consistent. With an average team tenure of 5 years, we’re able to provide consistent teams throughout your digital transformation project and retain the knowledge that we’ve accumulated throughout the process.

We’ll lead your digital transformation process from the inside out by integrating our specialists within internal teams. This enables us to up-skill and onboard internal teams throughout the project while securing the crucial buy-in needed to make your transformation a success.

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Managing Director

Peter Richman

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Commercial & Delivery Manager

Dino Rakitzis

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Technical Director

Phillip Chambers

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Head of Development

Philip Marklew
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