Cole & Son

A Headless Shopify Solution for a Luxury Wallpaper Company

Cole & Son is a luxury wallpaper company that produces unique high end designs for their customers. They came to us during a period of change, when they were restructuring their distribution channels and starting to sell direct to consumers in a number of key territories. They needed an elevated eCommerce store that would rival their offline customer experience and showcase their beautiful designs. The website needed to support their ambitious growth plans and push the boundaries of what had been done in their industry.

Lead time:
20 weeks
Luxury Interiors
Target Type:
Affluent & Design Driven Consumers
Website Goal:
Sell Direct to Consumers, Increase Revenue, Enable Cole & Son Marketing Team
Digital Marketing, Web Design, Website Development, Headless Shopify
Best Cross Border Campaign - eCommerce Awards
CSS Design Awards, Awwwards

Post-launch website results

The new website has delivered significant increases in average order value and revenue.

x 1 10
ROI on PPC spend
+ 1 101 %
Revenue increase
+ 1 193 %
Average order value
  • 1 x Lead Designer
  • 1 x UX Designer
  • 1 x Technical Lead
  • 1 x Shopify Developer
  • 1 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

The challenge

Cole & Son had an existing eCommerce store that was built on Shopify and had experienced some success. However, the site was suffering from some typical Shopify challenges and wasn’t able to scale in the manner that Cole & Son required to meet their growth targets.

These challenges included:

  • Slow site speed
  • Lack of design flexibility
  • Limited functionality
  • Limited control of SEO factors
  • Restricted international capabilities

Cole & Son challenged us to find a solution that would enable them to internationalise the business and drive growth.

Website menu design - headless shopify development

Headless Shopify Development

We implemented a Headless Shopify solution to overcome the challenges that Cole & Son faced on the existing website. The client liked Shopify’s interface but their existing solution was holding them back. Our Headless Shopify solution enables Cole & Son to maintain their existing eCommerce management system while gaining a new frontend website interface that provides greater flexibility and performance.

We decoupled the frontend and backend of Cole & Son’s eCommerce website, retaining the backend eCommerce management in Shopify and replacing the Shopify frontend with a WordPress ‘head’. The WordPress CMS provides the client with a user friendly interface to manage their website content while also while achieving a custom website design, enhanced SEO performance, user engagement, site speed and website security.

Headless proof of concept

To select the best headless solution for Cole & Son, we rigorously tested a number of options during a proof of concept process. We started by defining the client’s success criteria for their Headless Shopify website. We selected 8 potential CMS options and reviewed the documentation to score each one on a predefined rating scale.

We created a proof of concept for each of the 3 highest scoring CMS’s and tested the Shopify integration and key functionality. Based on Cole & Son’s requirements, WordPress was selected as the best CMS for the headless solution.

The design

With established roots in the fashion world, design is an integral part of Cole & Son’s business. We created a unique and editorial feel with the new website design. We created a flexible user interface that enabled Cole & Son’s marketing team to curate content throughout the site and fully showcase their collections and products.

On-page roll calculator

Purchasing wallpaper can be a complex process. Customers must consider the wall width and height, but also pattern repeats and pattern size. To simplify this process, we created a roll calculator that is available on every wallpaper product page. It is pre-set with the relevant product information so users only need to enter their wall dimensions to calculate the number of rolls required.

This feature increases customer satisfaction and removes a barrier to purchase.

Homepage Design of Shopify Website

Editorial design style

We created an editorial style design that connected the Cole & Son website with the brand’s roots in fashion.

Product Page - Successfully added pop up

On page roll calculator

We implemented an in-page roll calculator to enable customers to calculate the number of rolls needed with minimal effort.

Product Page Design

Maximum flexibility

We created a flexible CMS that enables the Cole & Son team to curate pages around their products.

International expansion

Cole & Son’s previous website only sold to consumers in the UK. During the web build, they were in the process of changing their distribution model so they could sell directly to consumers worldwide, reducing their reliance on distributors.

Our challenge was to create and implement an international marketing strategy that would increase Cole & Son’s market penetration in target territories and enable customers to find the website and purchase products in their local currency.

We delivered 7 territories on the new website, with the flexibility to expand to additional territories in the future. Each territory was optimised for regional search engines, enabling local audiences to find the Cole & Son website and the content that was relevant to them.

Upon launch, Cole & Son rapidly experienced increases in sales and rankings, going from no footprint outside of the UK to having an established presence in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and Norway.

The international campaign won the Best Cross Border Campaign at the eCommerce Awards. Read about the full campaign strategy here.

Cole & Son SEO results charts showing huge growth in the UK and New Zealand

International SEO growth

Our team generated huge global SEO growth for Cole & Son for a series of high value search terms.

Cole & Son’s rankings grew across all 8 target territories, increasing their search visibility by up to 2081%.

+ 1 2081 %
Increase in UK search engine visibility
+ 1 1210 %
Increase in New Zealand search engine visibility
+ 1 523 %
Increase in US search engine visibility


Using WordPress as the CMS gave us greater dexterity when it came to optimising the site for SEO. We conducted extensive SEO research as part of a broad digital strategy and implemented an optimised landing page strategy.

Our global SEO strategy increased the breadth of keywords targeted and increased the specificity of content on the site to create new entry points from search engines in 7 geographical areas.



Our team launched a number of PPC campaigns for Cole & Son, opening up a new revenue channel for the business. The PPC has been extremely successful, generating a 10x return for every £1 spent with Google Ads.

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