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Our clients are typically established online retailers ready to upgrade or replatform to WooCommerce.

eCommerce retailers engage us to provide the infrastructure required to accelerate their digital business growth. We help our clients overcome a number of common eCommerce challenges:

  • Online sales have plateaued
  • An inflexible CMS is holding the marketing team back
  • More complex integrations are required with CRMs, stock management systems, and distribution centres
  • The design and user experience no longer represents the business

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WooCommerce web development

Our WooCommerce development agency team understands the complex requirements of an eCommerce business and can recommend the best approach to achieve your business goals.

WooCommerce websites offer a huge amount of flexibility, while making use of the vast ecosystem of plugins and available integrations associated with WordPress and WooCommerce. In this way, WooCommerce websites provide great value for money and can quickly generate a return on your investment.

Whether you are looking to replatform to WooCommerce, or are already using it and need a refresh or update, our WooCommerce agency has the experience to make your project a success.

Developing a WooCommerce website

A WooCommerce project begins with a thorough scoping process to determine the functionality required to achieve the business objectives. With over 15 years of experience, our team will bring data insights and recommendations to help you make tactical decisions about your eCommerce website.

The design process starts by mapping the user journeys, creating clickable wireframe prototypes to represent the structure and navigation of the website. We will follow a show early, show often methodology as we increase the fidelity of the designs to incorporate brand, colours, imagery and copy.

Once the designs have been approved, we’ll move into the WooCommerce web development, creating a secure and flexible code foundation, and integrating with 3rd party systems.


“P&P’s desire to understand our business from the start of our relationship has enabled us to grow into new areas of the market we hadn’t considered before.”

Alan Brimm, Home and Roost, Director

WooCommerce SEO

We recommend that you undertake an SEO strategy as part of your project. This will analyse the competitive position of your website in the market and complete a gap analysis of where you rank in the search engines vs where you could be. We’ll recommend the keyword targets that you have a statistical chance of success with and will build and optimise your website around these recommendations.

Commissioning an SEO strategy alongside your development project ensures that your website is highly specific to your target keywords, improving website visibility, reaching new customers, and accelerating your keyword positions. All of these contribute to increased online sales.

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