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eCommerce retailers choose us to replatform, upgrade and build their Magento websites.

Magento is a flexible platform that is most suitable for large eCommerce retailers with complex requirements. As such, Magento development is a popular solution with retailers who have outgrown their existing platform and need a robust website that can be used to innovate and scale their business. Choosing an experienced Magento agency with proven results is vital to ensure your investment generates the maximum possible return.

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Experienced Magento agency

We understand the complexities involved with large eCommerce sites and what’s required to deliver functionality that not only makes using the site easy for the user, it makes managing it from an admin perspective easy too.

We’ve integrated Magento with a large number of third party providers including stock management systems, accounting packages, review platforms, payment gateways and shipping providers. We have a wide range of experience with shipping rules based on postcodes, product weight and delivery dates, as well as custom functionality such as product calculators.

Walls and Floors

Walls and Floors is an established online retailer that sells millions of tiles online every year. They needed a new website that would improve their Google rankings, increase their online conversion rate, allow their team to update content with ease and seamlessly integrate with their third party providers. Their new Magento website delivered outstanding results in Google.

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Magento web development

A new Magento website project begins with the design phase, starting by creating clickable prototype wireframes that map out the structure of each page and the user journeys through the website. We then increase the fidelity of these wireframes, using colour, font and styling to evolve your brand and develop the new website design to be developed in Magento.

During the design phase, we may undertake some initial functional development work; for example starting on third party integrations or server configuration. Once the designs are complete, our frontend developers start creating these in code and integrating them with Magento.

Once the eCommerce site is built, we go through an extensive quality assurance phase, testing across different browsers and devices as well as the functional deliverables such as shipping rates or discount options.

Magento SEO

Magento is a good choice of platform if search engine rankings are important to your eCommerce business. Combining high quality code with a system that facilitates the search engine optimisation process, a Magento website provides plenty of scope to increase your organic search visibility.

Our eCommerce marketers will undertake an SEO strategy including detailed keyword research to understand what your website is ranking for, where it could be ranking, and what needs to be done to close the gap and secure high value search engine positions.

The graph below demonstrates the number of keywords in positions 1-3 in Google for Walls and Floors. As you can see, their new website launch triggered huge growth in their top 3 keyword positions, over tripling the number of keywords held at the top of Google. This demonstrates the difference a new Magento website can make to online visibility.

Post-launch keyword results

578 482 386 289 193 96 0 Jul 5 Aug 9 Sep 13 Oct 18 Nov 22 Dec 27 Jan 31 Mar 7 #1-3 #4-10 #11-20 #21-50 #51+ Apr 11 May 16 Before After
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