Brand Identity Design

We create impactful visual brands and design systems

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Marketing Managers and Creative Directors work with us to create beautiful brand identities and design systems that enable their team.

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A good fit

Our clients typically have an existing brand that no longer represents the business and is restrictive or difficult for the team to apply.

We understand the importance of empowering your team by producing a brand that can be easily and consistently rolled out both on and offline. Our team will work with you to evolve your brand and produce new assets, creating a design system that is flexible enough that it can be applied to a range of campaigns and materials, but specific enough that it can be consistently implemented by the team.

An effective visual tool kit

We will create a number of brand elements including your logo, colour palette, shape and form, typography and imagery to produce a brand design system that is recognisably yours.

Our process ensures that your new brand identity accurately reflects your market position, engages your target customers, and provides scope to continue to grow the business and brand.

The anatomy of a brand identity


Successful brands make use of primary, secondary and sometimes even tertiary colour palettes. Having a broad range of complimentary colours provides the dexterity required to apply the brand in a number of contexts, making use of bold and soft colours.

Preparing colour lock ups within the brand guidelines will help your team to effectively select which colours should and shouldn’t be used together in a variety of contexts. This planning will enable you to draw attention to a key message simply by using colour.


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Shape and form

Shape and form can manifest in many different ways within a brand and it elevates basic assets by adding texture, depth and visual interest. Shape and form is a fantastic way to connect brand elements together, using masks, portals and patterns to create a cohesive and recognisable brand.

Much like colour, shape can be used to guide the user journey and draw attention to key messages and call to actions. Your brand guidelines will capture how to use shape and form in different contexts to maximise the impact.

Shape and form is a particularly useful brand element for service based businesses that have limited imagery or rely on stock photography. When used correctly, shape and form can transform a stock image into a branded asset.

Brand patterns


We will define how to select and use imagery in combination with other brand elements to present a tight and memorable brand. This will enable you to use stock imagery while maintaining a high quality and recognisable design style.


Your typography represents the personality of your brand and determines the readability of your content.

Our team outlines how text should be used within your brand, including capitalisation, font weight and font hierarchies. Typography guidance is included within your brand guidelines so your team can easily create content with the correct typography and text styling.