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Marketing Managers work with us to develop brand strategies that engage prospective customers with effective positioning, targeting and communication.

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Developing a brand strategy

Typically, our clients already have a USP that sets them apart in their market. They work with us to enable their team with a brand strategy, so they can feed their marketing messaging into the day to day communication for the business.

We work with ambitious Marketing Managers and Business Owners to refine their messaging and tap into the heart of what their customers need. We analyse the competition and deliver insights on how they can cut through busy markets with clear and distinct communication.



1. Workshopping

We undertake a number of workshops with key business stakeholders to gain insights about your customers and services, your competitors and your position in the market.

We want to know what motivates your team, what’s important to you and what sets you apart.

2. Research

We conduct our own market research, assessing your competitors from an objective perspective. Our research may include interviews with customers and employees to get a good understanding of the business.


3. Building the personas

We’ll combine the insights from your team with our own research to define your target audience personas. We’ll curate key messaging examples based on what’s important to each persona and how your business helps them.

4. Building the idea

Every brand strategy has a central thread that represents who you are to your customers. We’ll build the brand purpose, mission statement, values and value proposition from the core concept that runs through your brand.


5. Formalising the strategy

We’ll formalise the deliverables from the brand strategy into a strategy document that outlines everything you’ll need to target your audience moving forwards.

Brand identity

Following a brand strategy, most businesses update their brand identity in accordance with the outcomes of the strategy. Having a flexible visual tool kit to support the strategy creates a consistent look and feel to connect with your target audience.

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