A secure website and client portal for a military supplier

Isode offers secure messaging software to high security teams in the military and government.

They needed a new website and customer portal to elevate their digital customer experience. They challenged us to enhance their user experience and simplify exploring products and receiving support for customers.

Lead Time:
16 Weeks
Website Goal:
Modern Design, Improve the User Experience
Brand, Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Digital Marketing

The challenge

Isode’s existing website was dated and had a complex data architecture that made navigating their site difficult for users. Our challenge was to create a new website structure with clear user journeys and call to actions.

Isode’s products weren’t able to be pictured on the website which presented a design challenge for our team to overcome. With a limited brand available to us, we needed to evolve their brand assets and create a design system that would work for the business and didn’t rely on imagery.

Our team created a clean and modern design that evolved Isode’s brand and utilised data and tables in a visually compelling way.

  • 1 x SEO Strategist
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 2 x WordPress Developers
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Project Manager

“The team at Plug & Play absolutely smashed every aspect of the brief and went on to create something that has massively transformed the way my company is perceived online.

I would not hesitate to work with the Plug & Play team again, and would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a competent web design agency.”

Ben Madgwick, Head of Marketing, Isode

The brand

Before our engagement, Isode had a dated brand with limited imagery which was restricting their ability to produce compelling design assets.

Our design team evolved their brand, keeping the base colours and expanding the colour palette to create design variation. We updated their typography – retaining the rounded fonts but creating a more modern look and feel.

The website

Isode’s new website needed to appeal to a range of customer archetypes and personas. To achieve this, we curated new user journeys that delivered key messages for each audience.

It was important for Isode to communicate their knowledge and expertise while remaining accessible to their non-technical customers. On their product pages, the new website delivers key product information in a clear and simple way while providing deeper technical product information for users to explore further.

We delivered the new website using WordPress which provides Isode’s marketing team with a secure and flexible CMS. WordPress was also used to deliver the customer portal where customers can login to manage their account, purchases and receive support.


Isode were keen to introduce an SAAS style support system for their customers. We introduced a specific support landing page that utilises tabbed layouts and tables.

Evaluation form

Upon completion of the evaluation form, users are presented with a pre-filtered set of downloads based on their form selections, enabling them to browse relevant content while their evaluation is processed.

Adaptive navigation menus

The mega-menus had been designed in a way to allow the website to scale , adding and removing elements to link through to new sections of the website.

Rich search function

We implemented a deep search function to help customers quickly find relevant content.

Customer portal

Isode’s customer portal provides a private area of the site where existing customers can receive support and download product documentation.

The customer dashboard for each client can be curated by the Isode team to offer a personalised user experience and a fantastic upselling opportunity.


Digital strategy

We assessed the search volumes, intent and difficulty of hundreds of keywords relevant to Isode’s business. We reviewed which keywords Isode had a statistical chance of securing rankings for in search engines and optimised the website for these target keywords.

Our research fed into the website design and navigation, with our team recommending landing pages and a content structure that would facilitate organic growth.

We also delivered a series of content recommendations that Isode’s marketing team could use to deliver broader content that would support their new keyword strategy.

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