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We deliver high quality web apps for established businesses and funded start ups.

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We collaborate with our clients to de-risk the delivery of their web apps and accelerate time to market.


With over 17 years of experience, our team has the skills and expertise to deliver high performing web applications at pace. Working with in-house teams, we utilise UX and UI design, high performance code and rigorous testing to prepare your web app for market.

17 years of experience

Top Software Developers UK - Clutch Award

“Plug & Play really got to grips with our complex financial products, processes and users – highly recommended”

Conor Murphy, CEO, Smartr 365 by Legal & General

Improve performance with UX design

Our experienced team of UX and UI designers identify opportunities to elevate the user experience of your web app above that of your peers by assessing your competitors and bringing insights into how other successful business have achieved similar objectives. Focusing on intuitive design and engagement, we deliver high quality web app design that streamlines the user experience and provides a consistent design system for your team to utilise for future growth.

Technology we use

Enabling your team to drive continued growth

Many of our clients have an internal development team that will be responsible for the maintenance of the web application after launch. We collaborate with internal developers before any work has taken place to agree an infrastructure and technology stack that meets the needs of the project and the skillsets within the team.

Some IT Directors prefer to collaborate on the project delivery and combine their developers with our own to create an embedded team that is led by us. However, we also deliver end to end projects and provide a full hand over to internal development teams before launch to onboard them with the web app code and infrastructure. Our team is always on hand to provide support where required.


Managing a new web development project in the London office

Developed for speed

Not only does the speed of your web app directly impact customer engagement, but it’s also a quality signal that is used by customers to infer the overall quality of your offering.

Our experienced development team creates optimised code that enables your web app to run quickly and smoothly.

Developed for security

Our clients expect a high level of security from their IT infrastructure and work with us to establish a security strategy that meets the risk profile of the business. With the common goal of providing a secure platform for your team and customers, we collaborate with your developers to agree which security actions should be actioned and by which team.

Our Dev Ops team can discuss the specific security requirements of your web application to deliver the protection needed to meet your requirements.

potted plant in the London office new UI design being built

Achieve an omni-channel experience

The majority of our clients have an existing digital ecosystem of websites, mobile apps, software and existing web apps. Their web app needs to seamlessly connect the user experience, providing a consistent interface and data set.


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