MyOptique Group

The UX design and React.js development of custom call centre CRM software

MyOptique Group manage the manufacture and distribution of online orders for and They also operate the call centre and manage all returns and order queries. Their existing call centre CRM/ ERP system was difficult for call centre staff to use. Our project was to design and develop a new custom call centre CRM and integrate the application with the core business ERP.

Lead time:
6 Months
Retail, eCommerce
Key User:
Call Centre Staff
Reduce call queues, accelerate call resolution
UX Design, Web Design, Vue.js, Laravel, WordPress
React Development, UX & Design, API Development

Before and after

  • 1x UX Designer
  • 2x Senior React Developers
  • 1x Technical Project Manager

The challenge

The MyOptique customer service team faced daily battles with their call centre CRM. The interface had expanded over the years and lacked a fluid user experience. Usability difficulties were unnecessarily elongating the time taken to resolve customer queries, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction. In turn, this was impacting staff efficiency and morale. As a B2C business, MyOptique needed their system to perform faster and be more intuitive for employees so they could rapidly resolve customer queries, reduce the size of virtual queues and boost customer satisfaction levels.

Smart search

We collaborated with internal teams to design and develop a search field that could handle any query to efficiently deliver the operator to the correct results.

Impactful solutions

We held focus groups to produce meaningful order management solutions for call centre staff. We delivered a split screen view to remove the need to switch between pages.

Prescription management

We refined prescription management to simplify the optician’s prescription approval process.

Customer management

Call centre staff can view all pertinent information on one screen rather than juggling multiple records and pages at once.

“They really understand what we are trying to do and we have a great working relationship”

The average number of calls that can be taken by each employee per shift has increased as a direct consequence of streamlining the user interface. Employees can utilise the intelligent search and view all required information on one screen which makes their job simpler, more efficient and more rewarding.

At the start of the project we conducted focus groups and workshops to ensure that we understood the needs and frustrations of those who use the system daily. By targeting pain points for the end user, we gained team buy-in very early in the process, minimising the resistance to change that often goes hand in hand with large projects.