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Hart Brown are a law firm based in London and Surrey with a broad range of commercial and personal services ranging from HR and commercial dispute resolution to divorce and clinical negligence. We rebuilt the Hart Brown website, with the primary goal of increasing traffic and improving conversion rates in order to generate more leads.


Lead Time: 6 months
Sector: Law firm
Target type: B2C and B2B
Demographic: Individuals and Businesses
Website Goal: Generate leads
Services: Web design, digital marketing



Hart Brown wanted to increase their visibility for highly competitive search terms in the London and Surrey areas. As a well-established company, they were keen to go after some of the more competitive keywords and to increase their search engine visibility. The goal was to focus on the research stage of the conversion funnel. They wanted to be found by clients searching for lawyers and solicitors with more general keywords such as “Trust Lawyers Surrey.”


Post-launch website results


Hart Brown target both businesses and consumers across a range of departments. Collaborating with Hart Brown’s internal marketing team we made huge improvements to their keyword rankings in Google.


Keywords that have increased their positions in Google over a 19 month period post-launch


Percentage increase in Search Visibility as tracked and calculated by within 6 months of launch


The number of keywords that rank in the top 3 positions in Google as tracked by


WordPress CMS
Responsive Design
SEO Strategy
SEO Optimisation
On-going Support


1x Marketing Strategist
1x Digital Marketing Specialist
1x Website Designer
1x Front-End Programmer
1x Back-End Programmer
1x Project Manager

SEO Strategy


We developed a very broad SEO strategy that encompassed all of Hart Brown’s key departments and offices.


WordPress CMS


The Hart Brown marketing team were enabled to manage and update content, images, menus and pages with an easy to use CMS.


B2B and B2C


With a broad target audience the website needed to be easy to use for a broad cross section of visitors.

Branding agency


We collaborated with Hart Brown’s branding agency to ensure that their website had a visual consistency that was inline with the agency’s vision.



Hart Brown have an in-house marketing team that manage all of their communication material and events. Their knowledge of the legal sector, their target audiences and competitors was very extensive. We brought a huge amount of value to the table including our external perspective, insights from other businesses and successful strategies that we have executed elsewhere. The result was a fantastic website that benefited from this combination of skills and expertise.




We executed a strategy for bespoke landing pages for each office location. Users from search engines can land on geo-targeted location pages which act as a gateway to the rest of the website. This was a highly successful strategy for targeting audiences in specific target regions.