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An enterprise WordPress solution for a global business

IMImobile are an enterprise software company listed on the AIM market in the London Stock Exchange. With an established and talented internal marketing team who were under pressure to deliver, we needed to collaborate closely to create a website that would enable their internal team to have more control and flexibility.

Lead time:
3 Months
Enterprise Software
Target Type:
Enterprise Organisations
Website Goal:
Generate New Enquiries
Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing
screenshot of the IMI mobile homepage
  • Custom Design
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Marketo Integration
  • 1x Marketing Strategist
  • 2x Website Designers
  • 1x Front-End Programmer
  • 1x Back-End Programmer
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1x Quality Assurance Tester


Key to this project was understanding enterprise lead generation and buying cycles. With our experience in delivering compelling marketing to engage with enterprise customers, we were able to craft user journeys that would increase conversions from IMImobile’s key user archetypes.

scrolling through the IMImobile homepage

Investor relations

As part of IMImobile’s obligations under the AIM market rules we needed to ensure that their share price, public reports, and documents were easily available.

CX Automation cloud banner

Embedded animations

To bring the website to life we collaborated with IMImobile’s marketing team to develop micro animations that added movement and interest to their content.

IMImobile Solutions Overview screenshot

Gated content

Working with Marketo, we enabled IMI’s team to publish their white papers as gated content, where users have to provide personal information to gain access.

IMImobile about us checkerboard

In-context sub-nav

With complex products and service offerings we designed a sub-nav that scrolled with the page, making each section of the website easy to navigate at all points.

IMI mobile website phone menu iphone screenshot of digital/cx mobile view of the about us page

Design approach

We needed to create a long-lasting design that would increase visitor engagement. The website CMS needed to be easy for IMImobile to manage post launch as they regularly update banner imagery, text and PDFs.

On-going maintenance and support

IMImobile’s marketing team are very proactive and regularly make updates to their website. The CMS is intuitive and flexible so they are able to manage content without support from Plug & Play. IMImobile commissioned an ongoing retainer to develop new features and functionality to ensure that the website remained fresh, up to date and allowed them to innovate at the level they needed.

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