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Save the Student is a highly successful blog with millions of visitors per month, generating revenue through affiliate links and advertising. Our brief was to develop a modern, mobile optimised, responsive website that improved their on-page search engine optimisation with structured microdata and schema. We delivered a platform on WordPress that was highly scalable, easy to manage and maintain, that would build on existing SEO positions and look great across all mobile devices.


Lead Time: 6 months
Target type: B2C
Demographic: Students
Website Goal: Generate revenue


Custom Design
Data Migration
Speed Optimisation
Digital Marketing Strategy
SEO Consultancy



1x Digital Marketing Specialist
1x Website Designer
2x Front-End Programmer
2x Back-End Programmer
1x Project Manager
1x Quality Assurance Testers

Engaging with students


The website had to bring their content to life, and needed to load quickly – especially on mobile devices that make up a large percentage of visitors.

For a publisher such as Save the Student, there’s huge value in the engagement of their readers. To increase their subscribed audience we introduced micro-interactions to drive newsletter subscriptions, as well as click-through affiliate links that create revenue.



It was important we didn’t alienate loyal readers with a significant visual shift, so our design team created a concept that remained in line with the existing Save the Student brand but with a modernised look and feel. The Save the Student purple is used throughout the website and is complimented by strong colours used to differentiate between each section.


Mobile first


With over a million visitors per month, the majority of which are on mobile devices, ensuring that the website interactions and call to actions were highly optimised was integral to the project.


Search engine optimised


Save the Student have a huge online footprint, with high Google rankings for very competitive search terms. As such we needed to make solid recommendations to ensure that we built on this previous success with minimal risk.

Data migration


With thousands of legacy articles data migration was the biggest risk in this project. Our development team started the project with an initial migration of data so they were working with real content. Over the months, Save the Student continued to update their current site with their articles as the new website came together. After several rounds of rigorous testing it was time to impose a content freeze on the live site, run a final data migration and put the site live.