InTruck by Snap

A mobile app for busy truckers to manage their journeys

InTruck is a mobile app used by over 100,000 truck drivers to manage their journeys and book facilities and parking when on the road. They challenged us to improve the user experience of their mobile interface and introduce some new functionality.

Lead Time:
4 Months
Transport and Logistics
Lorry Drivers
App Goal:
Introduce new functionality, Improve UX & UI design
UX & UI Design, Mobile App Design

The challenge

InTruck wanted to become the mobile app of choice for lorry drivers. They had an ambitious roadmap for the app and were ready to invest in the user interface, introduce new functionality, and expand into new markets.

They challenged our team to create a fresh UI and UX design that would deliver a market leading customer experience.

  • 1 x Senior UX Designer
  • 1 x Senior UI Designer
  • 1 x Project Manager

Research & discovery phase

We reviewed apps within the trucking marketplace to establish a benchmark of how information is displayed and the booking process is managed within existing apps. Our UX designers identified a number of key opportunities to outperform the marketplace and provide a superior user experience.

The map view

The map function is critical within the InTruck app and presented a major opportunity to improve the UX design.

We introduced filters and keys to help drivers quickly find suitable facilities and services without clicking into each potential stop. For example, the map now shows the key facilities of a stop – if it’s a depot stop, has parking, has a lorry wash etc. We created a preview function so drivers can find out more about a location before clicking through to the location page.

These additions streamline the journey planning process for drivers, saving them time and effort when finding facilities.


We restructured the service profile pages to improve the clarity of information and provide prominent call to actions.

We introduced a new profile layout that incorporates key information such as parking availability at the top of the profile, then used accordions to segment information within the page and keep it digestible.

We designed a sticky call to action to book parking on site profile pages at the bottom of the screen where parking is available, promoting InTruck’s own parking services.

Booking flow

Our mobile app designers streamlined the booking process to reduce the time and effort required to make bookings in the app. We introduced availability checkers, quick book call to actions, and enabled drivers to save information such as payment and registration details within their profile so they could make use of quick booking.

Onboarding flow

InTruck’s existing mobile app didn’t have account functionality which meant that users had to repeatedly re-enter information and weren’t able to save locations or see their history or bookings.

We introduced an account creation and onboarding flow that enabled users to save information and access new areas of the app. The flow included a number of splash screens to showcase key app features.

The broader implications of this were that InTruck had better data on their app usage and were able to start marketing to their customers. From a customer perspective, they were fully onboarded on the app and could save payment information, vehicle registrations and record their favourite stops for future journeys which removed friction from their booking process.

Planning for the future

Our team created UI & UX designs for the mobile app with the future of the app in mind. We ensured that the app could continue to grow in line with InTruck’s strategy and accommodate additional functionality that they have in the pipeline.

We also considered the roll out of the new designs within the UX design process, introducing a number of onboarding splash screens that would create a smooth transition from the old app design to the new app design for existing users.

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