Cyber Monday sales emphasise importance of mobile responsive web design

Design, Ecommerce By Rhys Little, 10th December 2013

A new report has revealed that increasing numbers of people are doing their online shopping via a smartphone, reports.

The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark analysed spending habits on Monday 2 December – or Cyber Monday as it was called within the retail industry. This was the date upon which traditionally, most online deals and discounts are offered, hence is an extremely busy shopping day.

The Benchmark found that online sales increased by about a third on 2012, with the average order up 1.4 per cent at £81.17.

More interestingly, it discovered that mobile shopping accounted for 44.3 per cent of all online visits, which is an increase of two-thirds on last year’s figures. Thirty-three per cent of all online sales were carried out via a mobile device and the average sale value totalled £82.24.

The statistics highlight the importance of optimising ecommerce websites for mobile use, given that smartphones are becoming an ever-popular way to access the internet. In fact, compared with last year, mobile sales grew by 94.3 per cent.In order to make the most of this trend, businesses are best advised to ensure their websites work both correctly and easily on a handheld device.

According to, more traffic came from those on iOS than Android, but in terms of the money spent, the most generous group was Samsung users, who roughly spent £86.20 each.