Bing wins SEO Winter Olympics

Digital Marketing By Rhys Little, 7th February 2014

Bing has raced ahead of the rest of its competitors in the search engine field to take gold at the SEO Olympics.

In anticipation of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics kicking off tonight (February 7) with the opening ceremony, conducted a test into which search engine could deliver the most relevant results for an Olympics-related query.

The publication used the search term ‘Olympics opening ceremonies’ on Bing, Google and Yahoo to find out more information about the ceremony and when it started.

According to reporter Ginny Marvin, Bing came up trumps with the most relevant results for the query. This in turn allowed Marvin to get all the information she needed in the fastest time.

She stated that Bing lost a few points by displaying an “in-no-way-relevant” Amazon advert but said this wasn’t enough to knock it off the top spot. says Google, the supposed king of search, avoided complete embarrassment by clinching the silver medal. Google would have delivered the start time of the ceremony a lot sooner had the answer in its knowledge box at the top of the page not been displayed in Russian time.

Yahoo placed third but Ms Marvin was less than impressed with its effort after the engine failed to return a single useful result.

However, she said this came as a surprise due to the fact that two of the top results on Bing came from Yahoo websites.