Best Law Firm Web Design of 2024 – 14 of the Best Websites

By Emma Moody, 1st February 2024

The best law firm websites combine brand, design and messaging to attract and convert highly aligned clients. So in no particular order here are our best rated law firm websites for 2024.

1. D.Law

Law firm web design for D.Law

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D.Law’s website uses a bright colour palette and a human-centric approach to their content and messaging to create an engaging user journey. They use video, interaction and content chunking to guide the user journey. 


2. Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing's law firm website

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Taylor Wessing’s website demonstrates scale well, with a similar design style to large consultancy firms like Accenture and Deloitte. They use elevated corporate colour palettes, abstract imagery and beautiful brand elements to create a refined and trustworthy digital design. 


3. Shoosmiths

Law firm website design for Shoosmiths

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Shoosmiths has created a clean and fresh website design that utilises a simple brand and a well implemented design system. This is a great inspiration site for law firms looking to modernise their website without straying too far from the corporate look and feel.


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4. Ad Hoc legal

Legal website from Ad Hoc Legal

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Ad Hoc Legal uses a text-led design that guides users through a curated user journey. Making use of scroll animation and subtle interactions, the law firm delivers an effective user journey. The website received special Kudos at the CSS Design Awards.


5. Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird Law Firm homepage

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Bird & Bird has created a clean design with a simple and effective user journey. They have opted for abstract and provocative imagery in place of traditional corporate stock imagery, helping them to stand out. The website uses subtle animation and hover effects to elevate the user journey.


6. Boodle Hatfield

Legal web design for Boodle Hatfield

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Boodle Hatfield offer a modern twist on the corporate law firm web design. They have retained a brand colour palette and design style that dovetails with a classic legal website, while elevating certain design elements to deliver something fresh.



7. Sprint Law

Sprint Law law firm web design


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Sprint Law has implemented a simplistic design that leverages their brand and clear user journeys to appeal to their target audience. Their use of typography, colour and varied layouts creates a modern website design. 


8. Farewill

Farewill law firm web development

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Operating in the funeral market and dealing with death is tricky. Farewill have created an empathetic brand and web design that doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. They use illustration in place of imagery to create a sensitive user experience for their will writing and probate services.


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9. Fosters Solicitors

Foster Solicitors website design

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Fosters have established a soft and empathetic brand that brings together shape, colour and iconography to provide a varied design that isn’t reliant on stock imagery. They use social proof, reviews and award wins to reassure website visitors, while implementing a conversion toolbar that sticks to the bottom of the screen. In combination, the conversion rate of this website is likely to be high.



10. Make A Will Online

Make a will online legal website design

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Much like Farewill, Make A Will Online is leading the legal market from a design perspective. They have established a unique brand that creates a deep and engaging design. This is extremely important to put customers at ease on the website when dealing with difficult topics. The website makes use of branded illustrations, shape and colour in place of photography to create a sensitive and product-led design.


11. Dentons

Law firm website for Dentons

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While not ground-breaking from a design perspective, Dentons balances the expectations of a law firm web design with an intuitive user experience. They deliver a clean and simple website with clear signposting. By doing the basics well, their website is clear and effective.


12. NGA Law

NGA Law firm website

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NGA law use brand and emotive imagery to align with their target audience. Their website design has some beautiful layouts, particularly in the banners and other full width sections of the design that are relevant to their niche and their audience.


13. Baker Mckenzie

Law firm website development

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Baker McKenzie have opted for a consultancy style design that is reminiscent of McKinsey and Accenture. This design style effectively communicates their scale and innovate thinking. The website design utilises animation, shape, colour and a consistent design system to create an authoritative and trustworthy website. 


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14. Brodies

Brodies legal website homepage

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Brodies have taken a people-centric approach to their website design and use video to create an engaging and dynamic design. Their brand is used well throughout the design, creating a unique and recognisable website.



Best Law Firm Web Design of 2024

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