3 Ways to Boost Your Business with Parallax Design

Design By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 28th August 2014

Parallax website design has been gaining momentum over the past three years and it’s not slowing down.

Inspired by the multiplane camera technique used in traditional animation since the 1930s, the video game industry gave birth to the term ‘parallax’ when developers began using computer graphics to move 2D foreground images past the camera faster than those behind to create the illusion of depth. Today, web designers are using HTML5 and the latest CSS tricks to make parallax scrolling a defining feature on their most valued clients’ sites.

If it’s time to revitalise your company’s website, here’s why parallax design could be the key to success:

1. Take your customers on a unique journey

When it comes to business strategy and campaign optimisation, marketers will often ask themselves and their teams ‘What is the story we are trying to tell and how do we achieve it convincingly?’. The beauty of parallax design is its extraordinary storytelling capabilities which are rare to achieve through standard website construction.

The Costa Experience from Costa Coffee is a prime example of parallax design working at its best. The coffeehouse giant’s latest venture engages their loyal fan base with an interactive website designed to showcase the behind-the-scenes efforts the company goes to in order to deliver a quality product, from bean to cup. Users can travel through the one page design, ‘meeting’ farmers, roasters and store assistants along the way, whilst discovering Costa’s environmental and community initiatives. Fundamentally, this immersion allows Costa’s customers to become part of the brand, build an affinity with it and justify their spending habits.

For any business, implementing such tactics through parallax design could prove
indispensable. For instance, if you own a restaurant you could immerse potential diners in the perfect dining experience, or if you run an estate agency you could break down the agent/landlord/tenant barrier to make the process transparent and friendly, and ultimately, drive sales.

2. Direct visitors straight to your calls to action

Controlling traffic is straightforward with parallax scrolling, especially if the navigation process is designed to be linear.

Take a look at The Royal British Legion’s fantastic parallax website for inspiration. Upon entering the landing page, we are encouraged to ‘follow the poppy’ which eventually leads us to this call-to-action:

Screen capture of The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal call to action

Here we are given three choices; to share the link on Facebook, share it on Twitter or donate, and regardless of which choice the visitor makes The Royal British Legion will win, whether it be in free promotion or donations. Again, the wonders of parallax design are to thank here, as the nature of it pretty much eliminates the need for filler pages that do nothing to monetise your business. As a consequence, you are given more control over exactly where you want your users to click in order to improve your conversion rates.

3. Reinforce the credibility of your business

Sometimes it is all about looks and a visually enticing parallax design can knock your competition out of the ballpark instantly. This is particularly relevant for SME businesses who may struggle to gain the trust of potential consumers and partners simply because they haven’t built an established reputation yet.

Simply put, parallax design looks expensive thus is loaded with connotations of business success, modern technology and staying power.