YouTube boss urges marketers to get more creative

Industry News By Rhys Little, 29th November 2013

Marketers have been urged to get more creative when making their YouTube video ads.

Derek Scobie, head of brand propositions for the website, believes that many brands weren’t fulfilling the potential that YouTube has to offer them.

In an interview with thedrum.comhe blamed this on a lack of confidence using what is still a relatively new advertising format.

He said: “It’s strange that brands lack confidence around content because in the last ten years they have managed to excite us about products, like shampoo, that we really shouldn’t have been excited about, but they have been constrained by the existing formats.

“Most brands just use YouTube to distribute their TV ads. That does create some value, but it doesn’t really maximise the creative canvas that is the platform.”

Scobie suggested that brands might want to work with established YouTube video-makers in order to benefit from the huge subscriber bases.

Despite these comments, has rumoured that YouTube users might soon be able to pay to have all ads removed from music videos on the website.

These rumours stem from the fact that the latest edition of the Android YouTube app referencing terms such as “Music Pass” and “no ads on millions of songs”.