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Hosting and Security

Over the years we have used a huge range of hosting companies across the UK, Europe and the US. During that time we have seen the best and worst of these businesses, and the difference between what their marketing says, and the reality of working with them.

Today, we manage DevOps (the service part of hosting) in house, and rent the majority of our hardware in Europe. In addition to being able to host websites on high performance machines, we’re also able to ensure that our customers’ websites are secure.

This means that we’re able to manage the website, hosting and security, giving our clients a single point of contact for their website.


Our team of developers, sys admins and devOps engineers secure our websites at every level. We take a number of key steps to ensuring your website is secure; especially when it comes to open source systems such as WordPress. By taking responsibility for the website, WordPress and the hosting, we provide you with a suite of cyber security measures, whether you’re an SME or a global brand.

Custom website hosting

For our larger clients who require several servers or custom infrastructure we’re able to design, build and deploy custom hosting solutions.

With some of our clients this means we re-charge the hardware from the hosting company at cost and charge for our DevOps time.

Amazon S3

DevOps only

For our largest clients it is more common that they purchase their own hardware, or rent their hardware directly from our recommended hosting companies. We then take on the DevOps management of their infrastructure as a managed service on-going. In this instance we dovetail with their IT service provider or MSP to provide a joined-up service.

Hosting capability

  • DevOps Managed Service
  • Designing and Implementing Custom Hosting Infrastructure
  • Standard Website Hosting
  • eCommerce Website Hosting
  • Web App Hosting
  • Varnish Cache Customisation / Configuration
  • CDN Cache Configuration

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