What Its Like To Work At An Agency

By Brad Girtz, 28th January 2018

If you have never worked at an agency before you might not know quite what to expect. This is especially true for graduates or people just joining the workforce. With that in mind, Plug and Play have come together to give you a window into the life of a digital agency employee. Think of us as your agency shirpa; we’ll help you understand what life is really like in an agency.

Flat Corporate Structure

The first thing most people notice is the flat corporate structure. Unlike many more traditional businesses, a digital agency doesn’t have much of a corporate hierarchy. You usually find there are a few directors, a few managers and then everyone else is on the same level. This makes Plug and Play, along with most other agencies, very nimble. We can adapt quickly and we don’t need a big book of rules and regulations to keep the company operating. It also means if an employee wants to change something or try a new approach they can.


Another thing that is related to the corporate structure is the size of an agency. Most are pretty small and have between 10 and 50 people in the entire company. That means you get to know everyone because you work closely with them. For instance, I am currently writing this while sitting next to Peter, the Managing Director of Plug and Play. In a larger company I would probably never see him but in an agency I sit right next to him. That means I get direct access to one of the heads of the company. It also means I know he has a weakness for peanut M&Ms and biltong!


Along with a tight knit team, agencies are a great place if you love a variety of work. Whether you are a Designer, Developer, Digital Marketer or Account Manager, the work is always changing. That means you never get bored. You could be creating a new way to track online users one minute and discussing rabbit hutches the next. Better still, every time an agency brings on a new client, you get to learn about a whole new industry.


The working environment and variety of tasks breeds creativity. There are new problems to solve each day and many of them you will have never seen before. If you are a problem solver an agency is a great place to be. You are also making new things every day which gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Learning Every Day

When you are surrounded by smart, creative people facing a different challenge every day you are bound to learn. The variety of work alone means you will definitely be doing things you have never done before so you need to be able to learn by doing and work your way around problems. The upside is that a digital agency is like a finishing school for people working there. If you have been at an agency, every employer knows you have lots of experience and a wide variety of skills.

Fast Paced

The nature of agency work means you always have some new challenge coming your way. The work is fast paced and can be demanding at times. You have many clients and they all want their work finished on time and to a high standard. The upside is that the pace keeps you motivated and it is always exciting.


One major benefit of working at an agency is the relaxed environment. Many agencies don’t have a dress code. They also offer a modern working environment and have lots of little perks. This could be a table tennis table in the lunch room or nerf guns for every employee. The good agencies know that creativity and fast paced work don’t need to be done in a boring office while wearing a suit and tie.


Another major perk of agency work is the flexibility. Agencies often let you work from home, offer flexible hours, provide you with your own computer and are relaxed about booking annual leave. Agency managers know you have a life outside of the office. They understand you will be happier and more productive if they aren’t too rigid.

If that all sounds like your cup of tea then you are probably a perfect fit for an agency. Now you just need to find one that is hiring and set up that interview. We’re always interested in hearing from great people, so send a CV and covering letter to Plug and Play.