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by Hélène Dedieu

2. E-commerce SVG Icon Set

Visits to shopping websites via smartphone or tablet now account for 45%1 of all ecommerce traffic in the UK. This is why it’s vital for every business to ensure their site is responsive.

Our Responsive eCommerce Icon Set includes all of the essential icons you’ll need for your ecommerce site in three different sizes – so they’ll work on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Available in JPG, NPG, AI, PDF, EPS, and SVG format, the designs can be used for commercial or personal purposes – and best of all – the download is completely free!

E-commerce SVG Icon Set new size2-03

The Responsive eCommerce Icon Set has been designed using a precise grid system of three different sizes: 16px x 16px / 32px x 32px / 64px x 64px. This guarantees sharpness and makes the icons pixel perfect.

E-commerce SVG Icon Set new size2-16

You could use the icons for your next responsive ecommerce website, displaying the large icons for desktop, the medium icons for tablet, and the small icons for mobile traffic.


The Responsive eCommerce Icon Set is fully optimised for all browsing habits, with the desktop icons incorporating more detail to capture attention on larger screens, the tablet icons simplifying to suit medium displays, and the mobile icons focusing on clean vector images, so as not to clutter small screens.


Desktop Icons - 64px x 64px grid system

5. E-commerce SVG Icon Set

Tablet Icons - 32px x 32px grid system

E-commerce SVG Icon Set new size-14

Mobile Icons - 16px x 16px grid system

E-commerce SVG Icon Set new size-15

To download your free copy, simply enter you email in the box below - and don't forget to share this link with your friends and colleagues in the ecommerce biz.

E-commerce SVG Icon Set new size-02


1 Econsultancy, 2015. 50+ fascinating stats about mobile commerce in the UK: 2015. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 8th October 2015].

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  • Hélène Dedieu

    Hélène Dedieu

    Graphic Designer

    Hélène is an experienced ecommerce designer, working across desktop, tablet, and mobile to ensure businesses can get their messages across with efficiency and impact. She has played a significant role in bringing our clients’ websites into responsive territory, as more and more customers access web content in new and improved ways. Hélène knows how to make that digital slickness translate offline too, extending brand concepts into all areas of a company’s communication and marketing output.