UK Mobile ad spend to rise up to 40%

Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Industry News By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 2nd July 2014

The UK mobile ad spend is to double up to £2 billion according to research from EMarketer.

This is due to the sudden rise in mobile devices as half of Britons are expected to own a mobile device by 2018 such as a tablet or ipad.  This means that mobile spend will leap to 40% by 2018, as it has already risen 6.1% from last year.

Overall digital ad spend is increasing year on year with mobile devices holding a lot of responsibility.

The report states that: “While digital, and especially mobile, is boosting total growth, other channels are flat or even losing ad revenues. Spending on TV and outdoor ad formats will rise at a much slower pace, while radio ad outlays will remain relatively flat.”

Digital TV is expected to receive the second greatest increase proportion of spend with 24.6% while print advertising will receive 18.6% of the total.  Print advertising is expected to decrease year on year as the world becomes more digital.

This emphasises the importance of responsive web design, so that advertisements on the web can be viewed on all different types of mobile devices.