Three in four of marketers acknowlege power of data in driving returns

Digital Marketing By Rhys Little, 31st March 2014

The vast majority of marketers are aware of big data and its ability to drive their campaigns, reports

A new survey from Adobe shows that many professionals in the industry expect their role to change over the next year, with 76 per cent believing they will need to be more data-driven to succeed.

Big data is currently representing a huge talking point for marketers around the world, with an increasing number of campaign managers seeking the use of customer information to provide more personalised messages.

With trends like the emergence of big data placing more emphasis on technologies like social media and online display advertising, Adobe’s survey of over 1,000 professionals in the industry showed a large crowd of marketers looking to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant.

Almost half of the group (45 per cent) planned on taking more risks next year and Ann Lewnes, chief marketing officer for Adobe, urged marketers to “take the plunge”.

Talking to, she said: “The good news is that marketers see the change in front of them and understand they need to embrace data, focus on creating personalised experiences and work across their social, web and mobile channels.”

The study also showed that marketers are likely to place more focus on social media than mobile over the next year. A total of 61 per cent are seeing the former as a key area of spend, compared to the 51 per cent that are siding with the latter.